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Zurich Airport repairs noise-canceling hangar


ZURICH – The noise protection hangar for engine testing at Zurich Airport has been out of service since the beginning of December 2021 after an incident. The airport expects the system to be repaired over the summer – and is clearly feeling the effects of supply bottlenecks and rising material prices.

Since 2014, Zurich-Kloten has protected the area from noise emissions with a specially insulated facility for engine testing.

At the beginning of December 2021, a Swiss Boeing 777-300ER caused enormous damage in the shelter during a GE90 test: Moss broke off the walls and shot up from the hall above the airport and surrounding area.

After several months of planning, repair work on the system began on June 27.

“The noise protection hall is unique in its form”. said an airport spokeswoman aero.de. “No hall in the world has been built like this – therefore its spare parts are not mass-produced goods. It took a careful analysis of the problem first before engineers could design new ones. parts, which then had to be manufactured.”

Engine test in Zurich goes wrong, ©TSL

According to the airport, delivery bottlenecks delayed work by several weeks. “With the deliveries of equipment promised today, we are confident that the room will be able to resume its activities at the end of September,” the spokeswoman said.

Three million francs in damage

In the meantime, all necessary taxis are carried out over a defined area on the apron or, in exceptional situations, on the runway.

The material damage is enormous. “The engineering, material and assembly costs amount to nearly three million francs,” said the spokesperson. “We estimate that the price of materials has gone up about three times.”

© aero.de | Fig. : Zurich Airport | 20/07/2022 10:00


Source aero.de

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