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Zuckerberg’s luxurious estate in Hawaii… exciting secrets in the life of a billionaire

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Exciting details and legendary tales, filled with the lives of the world’s billionaires, whether it be their personal lives, their food, their homes, or even their possessions.

The name of Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of the Facebook platform, stands out as one of the most prominent permanent rich people in the list of the top ten richest people in the world, as he owns the largest social media platform in the world. world.

The story this time relates to Zuckerberg’s vacation home, which he bought for a large sum that could change the lives of thousands of people.

The American billionaire, whose fortune, according to “Force” data, is around 78.4 billion dollars, owns a property in Hawaii valued at more than tens of millions of dollars.

The number seems huge to many around the world, but to Zuckerberg it seems small and does not represent 1% of his enormous wealth.

What are the components of the drug?

The farm where Zuckerberg spends his vacations is located in Hawaii, on an area of ​​more than 1,400 hectares of land on the island of Kauai.

The details of the property do not end there, as it includes the 357-acre “Cahuina” farm and an adjoining piece of land near Playa Pella.

The Facebook co-founder paid between $100 million and $200 million to gradually acquire the property, in a deal that ran from 2014 to 2021, according to news reports.

Then, in December 2021, the billionaire and his wife, Priscilla Chan, added 110 acres to the property for $17 million, according to a report by The Guardian.

Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, runs his tech empire from his home in Palo Alto, California, but has been spotted surfing and jet skiing on Hawaii’s fourth-largest island.

Along with Chan, he is involved in sustainable agriculture and real estate conservation. Kolawa Ranch also operates organic farms, a cattle ranch, and wildlife conservation services, according to the Honolulu Star (assessor), citing a spokesperson.

house secrets

Despite the extreme privacy that surrounds Mark Zuckerberg in his personal life, the site “Business Insider” managed to break down these barriers and managed to leak more secrets about this drug.

Zuckerberg’s property in Hawaii contains a huge sugar cane plantation, with an area of ​​about 357 acres, as well as a white-sand beach on the north shore of the island of Kauai, with an area of ​​about 2,500 feet.

The matter does not end there, since the property includes an organic farm, which produces many crops, among which turmeric and ginger stand out.

It is strange that this vast area allowed the construction of about 80 houses, but Zuckerberg built only one property, with two bedrooms, with an area of ​​6,100 square feet.

Zuckerberg’s phone

Unlike most of the world’s rich, Mark Zuckerberg deviated from all expectations regarding the phone he preferred to use.

In a 2020 meeting with tech blogger Marcus Brownlee, Zuckerberg said he preferred to use Samsung products from South Korea in recent years.

According to the latest data from the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Zuckerberg ranks fourth on the list of the world’s richest people, with a fortune of $100.1 billion.

Unlike businessmen and celebrities around the world who prefer to own Apple products and iPhones, the Facebook founder deviated from the norm.

Mark Zuckerberg did not specify the type of Samsung phone he uses, but confirmed that “Android” is his preferred operating system.

Mark Zuckerberg advised the company’s top managers to use smartphones on the Android platform and did not recommend using the “iso” operating system of the American Apple.

And Zuckerberg’s use of the Android operating system sends an important message that the operating system running on your smartphone is the most important thing, without the system, iPhones and Android devices will become worthless pieces.

protection and travel

In 2020, Facebook’s latest financial presentation showed that it spent more than $23 million in 2019 on CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s security and air travel.

This is more than the previous amount of around $20 million the company spent in 2018 and the amount of $9.1 million in 2017, according to aitnews.

The expenses include about $10.5 million for costs related to Mark Zuckerberg’s personal security at home and during personal travels.

The expenses also include an additional $10 million to protect him and his family.

Facebook spent around $9.95 million on Mark Zuckerberg’s security in 2018 and around $7.5 million in 2017.

The financial filing also shows that Zuckerberg’s private jet costs totaled $2.95 million in 2019, the same amount in 2018, and $1.52 million in 2017.

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