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Zelenskyy warns against foreign fighters in the Russian army

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According to his leadership, Ukraine still controls those areas of the country into which Russian troops are trying to advance three weeks after the start of the war. The army responds to every attack by Russian units, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Friday night.

[Aktuelle Entwicklungen im Ukraine-Krieg können Sie hier in unserem Newsblog verfolgen.]

In Berlin, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) emphasized that President Vladimir Putin was solely responsible for the attack on Ukraine, not the Russian people. The war in Eastern Europe will also occupy international politics on Friday.

The developments at a glance:

  • Addressing the people of the heavily damaged and besieged cities of Mariupol, Kharkiv and Chernihiv, Zelenskyy said: They would not be disappointed, he assured. From the army to the church, everyone does everything for the people. “You will be free,” Zelenskyi promised. He also talked about According to reports, fighters recruited by the Russian military abroad: We have information that the Russian armed forces are recruiting mercenaries from different countries. They try to use deception to get as many young recruits into their ranks as possible. Zelenskyj warned against joining the Russians and explains that it is better to live a long life than to take money. the head of state thanked even US President Joe Biden for his “new and effective” help – and asked for your understanding that he could not reveal all the details of the US support package.
  • No information yet on deaths and injuries in bombed theaters: According to Ukrainian information, Russian troops continued their attacks on Chernihiv on Friday night. In Mariupol, on the Sea of ​​Azov, it is unclear how many people were killed when a theater was bombed. MP Serhiy Taruta wrote on Facebook: there were apparently at least 1,300 people in the building’s shelters. According to MP Olga Stefanyschyna, around 130 civilians were rescued alive from the rubble on Thursday.
  • Chancellor Scholz: Russia is not Putin: In light of the war against neighboring Ukraine, Chancellor Scholz warned against equating Russia with Putin. “It was not the Russian people who made the fatal decision to invade Ukraine. This war is Putin’s war.” That’s what Scholz said at an event organized by the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation in honor of SPD politician Egon Bahr, who would have turned 100 on Friday. Scholz emphasized that this distinction is important so as not to jeopardize reconciliation between Germans and Russians after World War II. “And it is important to show one thing to the brave Russian men and women who are taking to the streets at great personal risk against Putin’s war of aggression: they are not alone. We are by your side”.
  • Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk again asks for help: Germany should at least as a sign Do not buy short-term Russian energy sources for a month or two. “You don’t buy gas, or oil, or coal,” he said on the ZDF program “Maybrit Illner.” “That is our request to the federal government.” Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck (Greens) declared himself ready in the program to travel to kyiv, following the example of the heads of government of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia: “If he makes a contribution, he would always go.”
  • The United States speaks of Russian war crimes in Ukraine: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken accused Russia of war crimes in Ukraine, but described this as his personal opinion.. He referred to a similar statement by President Biden. Deliberate attacks on civilians are a war crime. Officially, the United States government has not yet made such a classification. but blink said: “Our experts are in the process of documenting and evaluating possible war crimes being committed in Ukraine.” According to the US Department of Defense, the Russian military is increasingly attacking civilian installations in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, after nAccording to a preliminary investigation by the “Reporters Without Borders” organization, at least five journalists from the Ukraine-Killed in the war. Another journalist is not sure if he was killed in the course of his work. The final verification of the information is still pending. Although those affected had spoken of targeted attacks on several occasions, the information could not be conclusively verified.

More about the Ukrainian war on Tagesspiegel Plus:

US President Biden plans to call Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday about the war in Ukraine. China is Russia’s most important ally, but it shows a certain detachment by attacking Ukraine. The effects of the deep conflict between the West and Moscow are also likely to shape considerations of a national security strategy for Germany. A launch event will be held in Berlin, at which Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock will speak.

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In New York, Russia abstained from voting on a resolution on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine due to lack of support in the UN Security Council. However, the most powerful UN body will meet again on Friday for an emergency meeting on the alleged US laboratories for the production of biological weapons in Ukraine, a claim that the Russian side has repeatedly made despite the lack of evidence. . At Moscow’s request, the Council had already dealt with the allegations, which are widely described as baseless misinformation and propaganda.

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