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Zelenski, converted into a Lego figure for solidarity purposes

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citizen brick that and store of chicago (United States) in which its main business is to create its own custom Lego pieces. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, those responsible came up with the idea of create a figure of Volodimir Zelenski, the Ukrainian president, and put it up for sale with good solidarity. All the collection, communication, would go to a charity. His campaign has been all a success.

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“In light of the recent invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military, Citizen Brick has decided to collect donations for help ukrainian refugees”, he could read a few days ago on his Facebook profile. In that same post they explained to their clients that it would be a special edition for sale for a limited time of a President Zelensky minifigure for a price of 100 dollars (91 euros) year another special piece of a molotov cocktail for 10 dollars (9 euros) the unit.

All the collection, as reported Vice, would go to Direct Relief. It is an organization with charitable fines whose task is to offer humanitarian aid in cases of disasters and the ultimate goal of what is collected from sales, as specified by Citizen Brick, series el de “Bringing medical supplies to the people of Ukraine.”

According to the published results, the campaign was a success. At the end of the sale period, they published an update in which they thanked all those who responded to their call and information that “through the sale of President Zelensky’s minifigures and Molotov cocktails” They had raised a total of $16,540 (15,043.89 euros).

The minifigures of the Ukrainian president sold out “almost immediately” after they made as many as they could in 24 hours that the store has described as “frantic”. Some workers even came on their day off to print them.

To those who did not arrive in time to be able to get one, from Citizen Brick they have urged that “Consider having a direct donation to a relevant charity”. To those who did succeed, they ask for “patience while we try to get everyone’s request this week.”

Although from the store they have not given an answer yet, they are many customers who have left a comment through social networks asking them if they have thought to release a new batch of Lego figures of President Zelensky because they did not arrive on time this time.

The messages on their social media profiles asking them to please do more do not stop. You can also read some of Ukrainian citizens who thank them for the support received with this initiative.

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