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YouTube will remove from its platform all videos that falsely inform about abortion

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The video platform YouTube announced this Thursday that it would remove all content that gives unsafe instructions on abortion or spreads false claims about abortion.

“Starting today and increasingly in the coming weeks, we will be removing content that advises on unsafe abortion methods or promotes false claims about the safety of abortion under our medical misinformation policies,” the company said in a statement shared online on Twitter.

The platform has indicated that “like all” of its policies on medical or health issues, YouTube is based on guidance published by health authorities.

With that in mind, he has pledged to prioritize content with “authorized health sources” and detailed that he “continuously” reviews his policies and products as real-world events develop.

“We’re also launching an information panel that will provide viewers with context and information from local and global health authorities on abortion-related videos and relevant search results,” YouTube reported on Twitter.

“An abortion is a procedure for terminating a pregnancy. Drugs or surgery are used to remove the embryo or fetus and placenta from the uterus. The procedure will be performed by a licensed healthcare professional,” the platform’s information board reads.

The panel includes a link for people who want to “learn more” and instructions to “seek advice from your local medical authority”.

YouTube has taken a similar approach to other controversial issues such as the health crisis and the vaccination strategy of COVID-19 or political elections in different countries. However, it’s rare for the company to say it will remove the videos entirely, US network CNBC reports.

Source europapress.es

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