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Youth clubs, music festival, Glienicker See: Our needs, our ideas on the outskirts of Berlin – districts – Berlin

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Young people, how are you? The Tagesspiegel newsletter Spandau continues to feature people and initiatives that want to make a difference in the district. This time 22-year-old Ronas Karadag, a founding member of the “Youth Working Group in Kladow and Gatow”, talks about problems, music festivals, dreams, Lake Glienicke and the meeting places of young people.

16,400 people currently live in Berlin-Kladow, including 560 young people between the ages of 15 and 18. 3,500 people currently live in Berlin-Gatow, including 120 young people between the ages of 15 and 18. The data comes from the latest district report of the State Statistical Office, which I presented to you: here on the Tagesspiegel.

Dear Mr. Karadag, you are a founding member of “AK Jugend” in Kladow and Gatow. In a nutshell: are you some kind of street worker? “No, he is not a street worker. We are a group of youth from Gatow/Kladow with the goal of supporting our interests here in the district. Among us are representatives of friends of the sport, churches, the RKI, schools, but of course also young people who simply want to help shape it.”

What is missing in Kladow and Gatow? “Unfortunately, there is currently a big gap in Kladow/Gatow: we have very few functional offerings here for young people. We would like to represent young people in politics, but we are also planning our own campaigns. The festival “Move!” started in October 2021″.

Who are you talking to? “Youth means for us: 13 to 25 years old. Anyone interested is cordially invited to participate.”

Will there be festivals again in 2022 like last year in Ritterholz, the training nursery of the RKI BBW? “Yes, the Move! Festival will be held for the second time on June 18, 2022, it was a great success last time.”

This was also the case at the first “Move” festival in Ritterholz.Photo: private
The celebrations took place in the DRK training center, in the fields near the town square.Photo: private

What is still on the agenda? “Of course it’s not just about partying. There will probably be a combined campaign to prevent violence and a climate day of action in Kladow and Gatow this year. We’ll be involved in this too. Plus, we’re just starting planning for the ‘ Kladow Pass’”.

What is the “Kladow Pass”? “Based on the Berlin Pass, we would like a card that offers young people discounts in shops, restaurants, clubs… in the region.”

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What drives you? “If I see something could be better and I feel like I can contribute to an improvement, then I’m happy to help. And ideally, this will benefit other people. That’s great.”

Where are the youth in Kladow and Gatow? “The Groß Glienicker See plays an important role, of course it’s a great place, especially in summer. We met there after school. However, and this is a big problem, there are relatively few suitable places to stay. And the district institutions unfortunately are not capable of absorbing this. In recent years, this has increasingly meant that young people spend a lot of time in residential areas, at the airfield or in the Lidl playground. This is not the ideal solution for us young people, nor for the residents”.

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Politicians Read: 3 Things Kladow and Gatow Youth Want? “Young people need a better place to stay, an attractive youth center or something similar. Of course I’m thinking of Ella Kay’s house, something has to happen there. Together with the RKI BBW, friends of sport and the evangelical church, we participated in an expression of interest to use the Ella Kay home for young people together. Politicians should not waste any more time looking for a solution.”

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Ella Kay’s house on Kladower Damm in February 2022. It used to belong to the Kreuzberg district, but is now empty.Photo: André Görke
Is the youth club and citizen’s office moving here? Ella Kay’s abandoned house.Photo: André Görke

Your second wish for politicians, Mr. Karadag? “The Groß Glienicker See could do with better infrastructure: The beach volleyball fields can no longer cope with the crowding and many smaller sports fields or other facilities could also be installed for everyone. And the sanitary facilities are just as adventurous as the traffic situation. Speaking of the Groß Glienicker See, perhaps as a third point: its drying must be stopped at all costs, otherwise all other efforts will not help either.”

And if you’re allowed to waste time… “There are already many good ideas: a more climate-friendly district, new sports facilities, better BVG connections. But are all these ideas really crazy?”

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