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Young, rich… and (some) also philanthropists, advocates of social justice

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A rich heir willing to distribute or give up his estate out of scruples or a guilty conscience? I have only seen the case in a fictional series by ARTE, victory. In one of the episodes, a maid in the service of Queen Victoria of England receives a large inheritance from a relative who made his fortune in the United States. give it up ipso facto when he discovers that his new treasure consists of the belongings of several black people, men, women and children, which can be sold at a very good price on the slave market. He decides to redeem them all for free.

Today some rich heirs – not fictitious, but flesh and blood – have an equally guilty conscience. Not because their capital comes from human trafficking, but because their wealth is based on workplace exploitation, fossil fuel trading, or shame. Simply because they have such monstrous capital while at the same time being spectators of the galloping crisis the world is going through.

resource generation is an American organization with members between the ages of 18 and 35, a “multiracial community” according to its website. They all come from wealthy families and are willing to fight for social justice, the fair redistribution of wealth, land and power and put their money on the table. This institution, founded way back in 1995, is organizing the meeting next November MMMC (make money change something, in Spanish, make money to bring about change). There they hope to bring together thousands of young North Americans who, through their dedication and generosity, are willing to make a difference in their communities.

The North American Federation has a twin sister across the Atlantic, resource equity. They define themselves as a community of progressive people in Britain who have money and class privileges and want to fight for the same causes as them resource generation. The organization was born not so long ago, in 2018, in the image and likeness of its American sister.

The promoters began a six-month training course on economic and structural inequalities. Sessions are organized into small group meetings where taboo topics such as money, family and class privileges can be addressed. All this with the aim that each participant formulates their personal redistribution goals and builds individual connections to organizations fighting to make the world a better place.

They not only want to teach young people that their wealth is rooted in an unfair distribution system. Additionally, they advocate changing the notion of philanthropy because, according to their website, the current one only exacerbates differences and reproduces many of the power dynamics of society today.

More and more entrepreneurs are choosing not to leave their entire estate to their children, but to donate a portion to organizations close to their hearts.

I am not aware of any organization in France that can be compared to Resource Justice or Resource Generation. Yes, but it pervades the awareness that economic and class privilege are something Demonstrate. read in Le Monde that more and more entrepreneurs are choosing not to leave their entire estate to their children, but to donate a portion to organizations that hold a special place in their hearts, such as those that care about the environment, social justice or simply because they invest in the territory.

In a more classic style and at the planetary level, the initiative give deposit Sponsored by the wealthy Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, since 2010 it has brought together billionaires who pledge to donate most of their wealth to fund charities. Today there are more than 230 people from 28 countries. No French on the list and by proxy there could be.

In fact, even after the pandemic and the outbreak of the Ukraine war, some billionaires continue to live as if nothing happened. The Instagram account is funny Bernard’s planewhich follows the path of jet Private of Frenchman Bernard Arnaut, owner of the LVMH group and one of the richest men in the world. The account, published last May, says it doesn’t track the person, just the routes of their plane, in any way to denounce that the lifestyle of the hyper-rich isn’t helping, to put it euphemistically, in the fight against climate change . For example, one day they published that to limit warming to 2°C, a maximum of two tons of carbon dioxide would have to be emitted per person per year. Bernard Arnaut’s Paris-Milan flight that day alone emitted three tons. The numbers sing.

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