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You can owe alimony and go to the National Police

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The National Police has already started the application process for Police Officers and Operational Technicians with a professional profile. Currently, the accreditation of documents is in progress, however, several requirements emerge from the call.

Among the 16 general requirements, one of the points indicates that you can be part of the process and even of the institution if you only owe alimony. However, if you have a moratorium of two or more, you are excluded.

  • To be Ecuadorian.
  • Be at least 18 years old and 38 years old 11 months 0 days maximum on the date of registration.
  • Possess a professional title issued by a higher education institution, duly registered with the competent bodies.
  • Not having been revoked, dismissed, separated or dismissed from the Armed Forces, National Police or any of the entities regulated by the Organic Code of Citizen Security and Public Order Entities for any reason.
  • Not having received a binding conviction for a crime
  • Do not record ongoing legal proceedings of a criminal nature.
  • Not have received a binding conviction for domestic or gender-based violence tickets.
  • Not having engaged in the fulfillment of the duties and responsibilities as Ecuadorians established in the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador.
  • Approve each phase of the recruitment, selection and entry process.
  • Not be immersed in any of the disabilities referred to in article 34 of the Organic Code of Citizen Security and Public Order Entities, in what is applicable to the recruitment, selection and entry process or in what is established in the organic law of the public service which disqualifies the exercise of a public function.
  • Not be affiliated with a political party.
  • Certify work experience in the exercise of your profession through one or more of the documents.
  • Have no impediment or incapacity to exercise a public function.
  • Accreditation of documents (face-to-face): July 2022
  • Analysis and verification of documents: July 2022
  • Psychological assessment: July and August 2022
  • Theoretical-practical test: August 2022
  • Physical test: August 2022
  • Analysis and verification of documents: August 2022
  • Medical – dental evaluation: August and September
  • Interviews: August and September
  • Selection administration: September 2022
  • Socialization and acceptance of quotas: September 2022
  • Admission to training centers: September 2022

Source metroecuador.com

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