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You accidentally travel with a group of celebrities on a party plane

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An Australian health consultant has revealed how she ran into a group of celebrities at 30,000ft after they mistakenly booked her on a party plane.

Tracy Waters James, 50, was from Melbourne on her way to Sydney for a work event when she found herself on a trip to Mardi Gras. The trip included many prominent celebrities such as Daniel Ledley, Danny Minogue and some characters from the popular television show “Drag Race”.

Speaking about her experience, Tracy said: “When I got to the airport, I was surprised that there were decorations everywhere, so I assumed these decorations were for the Mardi Gras celebrations.

She added: “I sat in the back of the plane next to Nick Roerloch, CEO of Velocity, and had a friendly chat with him about our children. The DJ was playing great music for Britney Spears throughout the trip. He had never met a famous person before, so I felt very happy to be in a place with so many famous people.”

According to Trieste, entertainment on board included free drinks and food, and some hilarious antics. The woman emphasized that this trip was the best thing that happened to her in her life.

Tristie is reported to be a mother of three, works as a consultant in the field of health and skin care, and often travels around cities by car, but this time she decided to travel by plane to change her routine, according to the Daily. British Mail.

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