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Yoga Outfit: You’ll Look Great in These Four Must-Haves

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Do you want to start yoga? Or are you looking for the latest trend in sports fashion? A new yoga outfit should bring new momentum and motivation? Very well. We have unearthed the essentials of the most beautiful yoga outfit 2022. Voila!

The perfect yoga outfit is definitely one that fits you well and doesn’t restrict your movements. After all, you want to focus on yourself in your asanas. Whether you want to strengthen, bend or relax your body, an outfit that doesn’t fit properly is counterproductive and only distracts you. But it shouldn’t be too far either, so your yoga teacher can keep an eye on your explanations and correct them if necessary.

Yoga outfit: you need these essentials

In addition to the criteria already mentioned, your yoga outfit must absorb perspiration and thus ensure a comfortable fit and appropriate thermal regulation. We will now walk you through the essentials of a complete yoga outfit, which consists of the following individual pieces:

  1. tight top (yoga)
  2. Yoga leggings / yoga shorts
  3. sports bra
  4. yoga socks
  5. warm sweater (optional)
  6. Tip: yoga suit

Yoga top: which model is suitable?

As the basis of your yoga outfit, your top should receive a lot of attention when choosing it and meet the most important criteria. Since you are regularly in a non-straight posture when doing yoga, the top or long sleeve should not constantly slide over your head. Therefore, it is better to choose a tight top with stretch. In addition, you should pay particular attention to the breathable material and the correct size – because after all it should not pinch or twist. This Model of “Under Armour” ticks all the boxes and goes great with the rest of your yoga outfit in both black and white.

Yoga Leggings / Yoga Shorts: Short or Long? The essential is close to the body

Whether it’s short or long doesn’t matter with your yoga pants. Here too the only important thing is that it does not slip around your legs. On the one hand, “too much material” is a hindrance in certain exercises, on the other hand, incorrect execution of asanas is quickly overlooked. So it is better to wear yoga leggings or tighter yoga shorts.

It’s a super versatile Yoga leggings by “Urban Classics”, which are available in many different colors. The cool mesh cutouts also provide a visual highlight.

Sports bra: The foundation of your yoga outfit

A well-fitting sports bra is the cornerstone of a good yoga outfit. If you prefer quality and comfort here, you can easily switch from cobra to downward-facing dog. Since you don’t have to do jumping jacks or anything like that with yoga, you can also use a sports bra with little to no support if needed. Many people find this more enjoyable than being wrapped up so tightly.

Seamless sports bras offer great comfort. With the different versions of this H&M model play the color if you want and get all the freedom of movement you need.

Yoga socks: For warm feet and secure footing

Calm phases and meditations are often part of the program, especially at the beginning and end of the yoga session. A good pair of yoga socks is recommended to avoid getting cold in these situations. If you do not wish to remove them during exercises, it is advisable, for your own safety, to wear non-slip studded socks. Alternatively, there are socks that leave out the toes and heels – this way you keep secure contact with the ground and your feet don’t get cold.

A good example of this is these hot Socks by NA-KD Lingerie. With this you always have a secure base.

Warm sweater: For the quiet phases of your yoga session

During meditation, the first relaxation exercises, but especially at the end during the relaxation phase, you must always be careful not to get cold. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a warm sweater at hand or to take it off only during the first exercises. Unlike your top and pants, your yoga outfit may also be looser at this point. It’s all about comfort and warmth.

The cuffs on the sleeves and waist ensure that nothing slips even during the first movements. Since this garment is an accessory and you will take it off during the yoga session, you also don’t have to worry about breathability and sweat absorption. Better to opt for a cuddly material in which you feel perfectly comfortable.

Tip: A yoga costume is both practical and stylish.

With a yoga suit you no longer have to worry about anything slipping on your yoga outfit. You will look stunning with it anyway. With delicate spaghetti straps, the set looks very girly and delicate; Wider straps are great for more support – just the way you like it.

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