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Yes to AHV 21! Broad alliance for a safe and sustainable future for all!

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For a secure future, the AHV imbalance must be remedied. Anyone who has worked all his life and has contributed to the AHV should have a secure pension. Due to the increase in life expectancy in society, the reform is necessary so that future pensioners can also receive their share so that with their pension they can finance their basic needs. There is no way around financial stabilization. Thanks to AHV 21, old-age provision can be ensured for the coming years without cuts in pensions. The reform is, therefore, a solidarity step towards the future for young and old, men and women.

Extensive support for AHV 21

The referendum committee’s claims that women are the victims of this reform are misleading. Many women support the AHV revision and have recognized the importance of systematic adjustments. A clear majority in Parliament and the Federal Council supports the review because it specifically takes into account women, who are particularly affected by this review. The first 9 years benefit from compensatory measures in the form of pension supplements. Systematic equalization of the retirement age of women and men is necessary. On average, women live four years longer and therefore get longer pensions from the first pillar, where there is no gender-specific pension gap.

sustainable and fair

A financially sustainable and fair financing of the AHV must be ensured. With the AHV 21, financial balance can be ensured in the first pillar in the medium term. People can work beyond the age of 65 thanks to more flexible pension payments and thus improve their pension. Flexibility also sends a strong signal to employees and companies. As a positive side effect, the shortage of skilled workers in Switzerland is also alleviated.


  • National Councilor Susanne Vincenz-Stauffacher (FDP), member of the FDP board
  • National Councilor Esther Friedli (SVP)
  • Christina Bachmann-Roth (The Median)
  • National Councilor Daniela Schneeberger (FDP), Vice President of the Swiss Trade Association
  • Maja Grunder, member of the board of directors of the Swiss Farmers Association
  • Monika Rühl, President of the Management Board of economysuisse
  • Brigitte Lüchinger, member of the board of the Swiss Employers’ Association

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