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“Yes, that’s good”: FC Bayern employee fights Günther Jauch

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Concentrated power of women against Günther Jauch: a candidate for “Who wants to be a millionaire?” she chose her own “double” as an additional wild card. The moderator had to admit defeat against female superiority!

High-ranking visitors in RTL’s long-running quiz: “You are at FC Bayern”, Günther Jauch introduced Annabelle Glatt from Munich. However, the candidate for “Who wants to be a millionaire?” she doesn’t play for the women’s soccer team, but she handles personnel matters. “Oh, did you send Süle to Dortmund?” asked the moderator with a wink.

The lady said no: she is only responsible for the employees who are not on the lawn. Besides, she would be switching to the “Strategy” department within the club next week anyway. “Oli is responsible for that,” Jauch said. What he was referring to was former Bayern goalkeeper Oliver Kahn. “Yeah, actually, he’s my boss now, so to speak,” the candidate said out of the box.

“Are Bayern taking a risk?” Jauch asked, referring to Anabelle Glatt. Yes! She chose the variant with four wild cards. Could you play in the Champions League of the contestants? At first everything spoke for it. She confidently dominated the game, up to the mark of 2,000 euros. “What can be transformed into the opposite using umlaut points?” The options were admiration, amazement, respect and recognition.

To date, however, the lady has been in charge of the squad off the pitch.  (Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius)

However, to date, the lady has taken care of the off-pitch staff. (Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius)

“This is not a question to the moderator”

“So, Mr. Jauch, I’m in the hose for the first time,” admitted Anabelle Glatt, after things went as her last name suggested. The moderator gave Schützenhilfe: “Then put umlaut points on everything.” The candidate thought aloud, “Admiration, reverence, awe…” Again, Jauch gave a piece of advice: Under certain circumstances, you may not have to umlaut every vowel. “It’s not recognition either,” Annabelle Glatt said. “Does that mean ostracism?”

Nice try, but Jauch didn’t help a third time. “This is not a moderator question,” he pointed out. “If the ball is already in the penalty spot, the goalkeeper cannot be asked to put it into the goal himself.” Günther Jauch could hardly believe that the candidate pushed the joking candidate with the goal post despite this wink. “There isn’t!” he uttered and tilted his head back. When the joker was drawn, Anabelle Glatt had a change of heart: “Oh, can I do it again? I know!” But the moderator decided it was too late.

In fact, the intelligence of the swarm in the study confirmed their instinct 100 percent: attention becomes ostracism. “He wouldn’t have needed the wild card,” said Günther Jauch. “If Olli sees that! He would tell each candidate: You must have eggs!” The contestant replied, “I’ll throw a party for the staff that day so no one will watch the show.”

The candidate only survived the difficult question of the 2,000 euros thanks to the help of Jauch.  (Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius)

Only thanks to Schützenhilfe de Jauch did the candidate survive the tricky 2,000 euro question. (Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius)

“I already told you, Mr. Jauch!”

It was complicated again with the question of the 8,000 euros: “Anyone who buys Melanzani in the supermarket during their vacation in Austria receives…?” Tomatoes, aubergines, carrots or asparagus? The additional joker should help. When Jauch saw the lady in the audience that Anabelle Glatt had chosen, he said, “Twins, separated at birth.” In fact, there was no denying a visual resemblance between the two women. The joker was “very sure that she is eggplant”. Because there is “a dish in the Greeks that has a similar name”. She also dismissed everything else and was “very, very confident.”

The candidate found that “compelling,” but noted the moderator’s facial expressions: “Why do you look so scared, Mr. Jauch?” Instead, he turned to the lady in the audience: “You said about the Greeks? But aren’t we in Austria now?” The additional joker was not discouraged: “That has nothing to do now.” Together, the two women confronted the moderator: “Mr. Jauch” just “shouldn’t seem so scared,” Anabelle Glatt decided and settled on answer B.

“With the Greeks? Then something is wrong with your Greeks, because it derives from the Italian Melanzana,” Jauch moved. Had the candidate bet on the wrong vegetables? But then the editors seemed to update the moderator with a button on the ear or screen: “Ah! But in Greek her name is actually Melizana,” corrected Günther Jauch. The answer was correct! “I told you, Mr. Jauch,” the Joker moaned. “Yeah, that’s good,” the moderator said meekly. Jauch was obviously inferior to so much girl power.

The answer to this question was worth 8,000 euros:

The answer to this question was worth 8,000 euros:

Potential FCB Christmas Party Insiders Just Wait On The Next Episode Of WWM

Jauch then switched to chat mode and wanted to know what was going on behind the scenes at FC Bayern’s notorious Christmas celebrations. But just when the candidate wanted to let her go, he interrupted her: “And then tell this story…” The horn sounded signaling the end of the episode. Jauch continued: “…on the next show.” She was happy: “I finally managed to make a cliffhanger!”

Seyda Akin from Sulz am Neckar was the featured candidate in the last episode. She won 16,000 euros. Günther Jauch spoke of a “Turkish night” when Cem Arslan followed her from Hamburg. The 30-year-old also won €16,000. Meike Frenzel from Wedemark also established this as a minimum. But the medical assistant had to settle for 8,000 euros.

eggplants!  The additional wildcard provided the correct answer.  The lady confusedly resembled the candidate.  (Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius)

eggplants! The additional wildcard provided the correct answer. The lady confusedly resembled the candidate. (Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius)

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