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Yankees, ‘working overtime,’ don’t seem to be done making moves

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Carlos Correa’s white Astros uniform looking to the side

TAMPA – Mid-afternoon Thursday, after many Yankees players had left for the day, Gleyber Torres He entered the coaches’ room dressed for the street and with his suitcase packed.

It looked enough like a player was leaving after being traded, so I texted a source just to make sure.

Torres was still a Yankee, the source said. At least for now, I thought. The fact that a deal seemed plausible told a larger story about the sentiment in the Yankees’ clubhouse right now.

Talking to the players over the first five days of spring training has left me with a strong impression that they expect more changes in the coming days, both in the roster and in the culture. Virtually no one feels sure that he will not be pierced. People are alert and don’t seem to care.

That alone is a victory for the front office, which wanted to shake up an environment that had become (my words, not theirs) stale and a bit complacent. There are prominent players who agree with that assessment.

There are plenty more splashes to be made, if the Yankees so desire. The team likes the Oakland Athletics starter frankie you rideand receiver sean murphyalthough the former is more likely than the latter.

There are players who are still waiting for the team to sign carlos strap. It’s hard to say if that’s back on the table, because brian cashman It’s in super stealth mode.

But the Yankees have done extensive background work on Correa, and no one has told me it’s impossible. He is not dead in the minds of some players, at least.

Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman

Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman

A related note being struck by players these days is satisfaction with how the team has remade its defense.

after negotiating gary sanchez — a culture-shock move in and of itself — the Yankees intend to prioritize defense at receiver, likely with Kyle Higashioka and ben rotvedt share time Rortvedt is known as an excellent catcher.

Since last year’s trade deadline, the Yankees have improved defensively at shortstop, first base, left field and possibly third base, depending on how you measure it. Gio Urshela versus joseph donaldson.

antonio rizzo he was an important part of that turn toward athletics when the Yankees acquired him from the Chicago Cubs last summer, and he returned to the team Thursday.

The feeling around here is that he won’t be the last new Yankee to arrive before Opening Day.

Aaron Boone Let’s put it this way: “I haven’t seen much of Cash in the last couple of days, because he’s been busy. I know those guys are working overtime right now.”

When Cashman and his staff finally come out for air, the roster will likely be different.

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