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Ximo Puig ignores Mónica Oltra’s allegations and thanks her for the decision to resign to protect the botanist’s government

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The President of the Generalitat Valenciana, Socialist Ximo Puig, this Wednesday expressed his respect and appreciation for the decision of the Vice President of the Consell, Mónica Oltra, to submit her resignation following allegations of the alleged cover-up of the case of abuse her ex-husband to a minor under guardianship. Puig has cited the protection of the progressive government of botanists as the reason for the departure of the leader of the Compromís.

Oltra announced his resignation on Tuesday to the executive committee of the party to which he belongs, Compromís, which, along with Podem, is also part of the coalition government in the Valencian Community. Today, despite the harsh words he addressed to Puig, the Valencian President responded with words of gratitude, describing Mónica Oltra’s role as “key” in “political change to renew institutions and improve the lives of Valencians”. Ximo Puig had warned that if the Compromís leader did not do so, he would make a decision, although the coalition warned that with such a unilateral move it would see the government pact broken. “It won’t work for me. I will not jeopardize the change that started in 2015,” Oltra reiterated, referring to the two progressive coalition governments. “I will not be his alibi to drive Compromís out of the government,” he said, referring to Puig.

“Thank you for your work over these seven years and the responsible generosity you have shown. Not all politicians are the same,” was the President’s response on Wednesday.

Likewise, the President wanted to show his disapproval of the attacks, insults and threats “that we have suffered in recent days,” he revealed. “A democratic society does not admit this lack of respect,” emphasized the Consell boss, who also condemned the “instrumentalization of the judiciary by the extreme right”. In this sense, he has indicated that the complaints from which the charges against Mónica Oltra derive come from the leader of Spain 2000 and the founder of Vox, Cristina Seguí.

“The Valencian Community is a prestigious, credible and stable territory. This is the premise to extend the progress made by the efforts of the Botanist’s Government and of society as a whole,” emphasized Ximo Puig, noting that, despite all the shortcomings and inequalities, the territory currently has “the historical maximum of workers, a leading business dynamic in Spain and health, education and social services stronger than ever”.

Mónica Oltra’s resignation from all her institutional posts, including her seat as deputy, implies the loss of her status as a graduate. In this way, the Supreme Court will no longer have jurisdiction to investigate the leader of Compromís, but the investigative court that initiated the investigation will take Oltra’s testimony. The same court, number 15 in Valencia, issued an order for the criminal police to go to the headquarters of the Ministry of Equality to collect the file of the abused minor, who now, already of legal age, is judicially demanding that the administration responsible for not having acted more carefully. Registration with the council took place on Monday, just a day before Oltra’s resignation. The agents took the file, which according to the investigating judge was not kept to protect the minor, but to protect the perpetrator or Mónica Oltra’s political career.

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