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Xbox is working with National Trust to replicate Corfe Castle in Minecraft

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MADRID, Aug 1 (Portaltic/EP) –

Xbox announced it has teamed up with the conservation organization National Trust to create a one-of-a-kind build of Corfe Castle in the video game Minecraft.

With this partnership Microsoft wants to promote the interest of younger audiences at historical monuments and landmarks across the country and challenged them to reinvent their own buildings as expected via the marketplace it is a statement.

Located in the English county of Dorset, this medieval ruined castle dating back to the 11th century is being rebuilt to the popular title Thanks Grin, a creator of YouTube content.

“I hope to see people rebuild the ruins in their own way. The fact that this will have an impact on education makes this project very special for me,” the ‘Youtuber’ commented in the letter.

For its part, the National Trust has acknowledged that this creator “did a brilliant job” and that “Not only has he achieved accurate replication of the different historical styles within the castle, but he also combined them with his own imagination,” says archaeologist Martin Papworth.

This content is demonstrated through a video presented by British historian Alice Loxton and to be released ahead of the National Trust Archeology Festival, when demonstrations are available for visitors to reinvent their own version of the monument.

Finally, Microsoft has indicated that it hopes to launch an educational version of Minecraft: Education Edition, “which will benefit children in classrooms across the UK,” he pointed out.

Source europapress.es

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