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Writer Elena Poniatowska on her rape: “How should I leave this hole unexplained?”

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The writer Elena Poniatowska, who brings a kind of memoir to Spain with “The Polish Lover” about Seix Barral, has assured that in this book she tells of the rape she suffered as a young man at the hands of fellow writer Juan José Arreola ” explain a gap” in his life.

“How am I supposed to leave this gap without explaining it? Also, I consulted with my son, I brought him the sheets and he told me that he thought it was okay: he was the one I had to consult and with whom I had a moral obligation.” Mexican author at a meeting with the press.The Polish Lover was released in Mexico in 2019 and sparked controversy over the narration of that episode.

Poniatowska became pregnant after this rape, which took place when she was 22 years old. Although he doesn’t recall why he claimed to feel “guilty” after this episode, he cites “training with the ‘Boy Scouts'” as the main reason. “They made us swear on a flag that we would always tell the truth and I always had this itch,” he said.

The Cervantes Prize winner does not know what was the motivation that led her to speak out about this violation so many years later, ironically with the fact that she is “more apt to speak badly” about herself than “about others.” “. When asked if it was liberating to admit it, he didn’t answer, but he does admit it was “the hardest thing to write” of the entire bio. “I wasn’t sure and I feel very guilty,” she added.

Beyond this chapter, The Polish Lover traces an accurate reconstruction of the rise and fall of the last Polish king, Stanislaus II Poniatowski, from whom it descends. “In writing this book, I reminded my family why we think we matter and what the hell we are and what we stand for,” said the Mexican author.

Poniatowska has stated that in preparing this book she chose to read “everything” about Poland and the Poniatowskis – “it was an enlightening moment and a great joy,” she admitted – although she could not find any information in Spanish . The author gave her opinion on the current situation in Poland and its proximity to Russia.

“Both for Ukraine and for Poland itself, the proximity to Russia was fatal, because the actions of this country are expansionist: they eat up the country and the lives of their neighbors and impose themselves everywhere,” he lamented. He has also called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “tyrant” who “has not set the example at all of being a generous man or a finally intelligent man”.

He admits with humor that he knew “very few words” in Polish, although he had set out to learn it at the age of 25. “I went to a woman who spoke it, but she told me that if she went – and she didn’t have much to do – she wouldn’t have anyone to practice with and that it was difficult. I went to him and I’m very sorry.” admitted.

The author confesses that she still practices the same routines as before the pandemic, like her articles every Sunday. “Also, I feel like an interviewer because I’ve been interviewing all my life, I really like going to the other and asking questions. because I was preaching and it wasn’t my way”, it’s finished.

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