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Worried fans: This is why GNTM winner Lou-Anne is silent


Lou-Anne, winner of the GNTM
She explains why things have calmed down around her

Lou-Anne Gleißenebner-Teskey, winner of the GNTM

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At GNTM, Lou-Anne Gleißenebner-Teskey claimed victory more than two months ago. But now fans are concerned for the 19-year-old as she has become “quiet” about her over the past few weeks. The model explains.

On May 26, 2022, Lou-Anne Gleißenebner-Teskey, 19, was named “Germany’s Next Top Model” by Heidi Klum, 49, offering the Austrian a cover shoot for “Harper’s Bazaar”, an advertising contract with a cosmetics manufacturer and a prize money of 100,000 euros. So after the victory, Lou-Anne gave everything. But now her fans are worried about her because they haven’t heard from her in a while. However, this has a simple reason, as the model explains.

GNTM winner Lou-Anne explains why she got so quiet

The fact that there has been less reporting on Lou-Anne in recent weeks seems to be a source of concern for her followers. Because during a question and answer session in Instagram story, a fan wants to know why he became so “silent” about the 19-year-old and if he is fine. The answer was not long in coming: “I couldn’t do better. If it’s work-related: it’s going very well, there are a lot of requests (whether it’s cooperation or fashion week), from August/September it’s going really well Go. [sic]”

In addition, it is “always calm” in the summer, she adds. The 19-year-old also reveals that she hasn’t spent the prize money yet and it will sparkle on TV screens again in October this year. However, she keeps to herself the setting in which Lou-Anne will be seen.

“It’s normal”

Another observant fan also noticed that Lou-Anne’s Instagram community had shrunk. While the model still had 100,000 followers a few weeks ago, it is now “only” around 96,000. This is why the GNTM winner does not break her head. “It’s normal. Everyone loses a lot of followers after the GNTM Finals, until it stabilizes again,” she wrote.

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