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World View launches prototype space capsule designed to carry passengers

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The stratospheric exploration company is showcasing a full-scale model of the groundbreaking spacecraft, giving participants a world-view experience of space travel.

TUCSON, Arizona (USA), March 18, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–World View, an expert in stratospheric exploration with a mission to help spaceflight participants rediscover Earth, today announces the launch of its prototype spacecraft. The announcement marks another important milestone for the company, following recent news of its entry into the space tourism industry and the appointment of Dale Hipsh as president of Tourism and Exploration.

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Interior view and seats of the World View space flight capsule during ascent Photo Credit: World View Enterprises

Spaceflight attendees eagerly awaiting the launch of commercial flights beginning in 2024 will get a first look—from the onboard amenities and design touches to the lofty atmosphere and deeply impressive in-flight perspectives—as part of the special world view experience.

“The unveiling of our prototype space capsule is a pivotal moment for the company as we continue to prepare for our first launch from the Grand Canyon in just two years,” said Ryan Hartman, president and CEO of World View. partnering with leading aerospace design and manufacturing companies to bring our vision to life and ensure space attendees have a truly transformative experience.”

The exterior of the World View space capsule is shaped like a multi-layered hexagon, with rounded corners and a pearl white finish that offers thermal balancing properties but also shows off the geometric details and curves. The capsule features large oval windows approximately 6.5 feet wide and 4.5 feet tall, framing a breathtaking view of the curvature of the earth and its natural wonders. With the seats reclined, the “sky window” at the top of the capsule gives passengers an exciting view of the globe as they rise and of the space constellations as they reach their planned altitude in space. mood-enhancing lighting, which changes according to the stage of flight and provides an optimal view from the capsule windows.

The capsule is equipped with air conditioning and pressurization, the entire interior was designed with the aim of maximizing space, so that space flight participants can move freely and comfortably in the capsule. The color palette, materials and finishes create an environment that exudes calm, with clean lines, soft tones and clever concealment of functional elements such as bathroom and kitchen entrances. Thus, the essential concentration on the wonderful views and impressions from outside is not lost. In keeping with World View’s commitment to sustainability, great care is taken to source materials from sustainable suppliers wherever possible and to carefully explore reuse or recycling options.

Luxurious and ergonomic seating has been designed for eight passengers in pairs, with two additional seats for crew members. Amenities such as a cocktail counter, a graphical user interface (GUI) screen (with educational materials and engaging activities), a center console, personal storage, and cup holders are available to space participants to ensure they don’t get lost. not a moment of the trip. Each capsule is equipped with a telescope to ensure maximum views in space as you cruise. Spaceflight participants will also be able to individually select gourmet meals and premium beverages during the flight. Each pod features broadcast and mobile communication capabilities, to keep in touch with family and friends back on Earth.

Departure is scheduled for before sunrise and most flights will have a front row seat for sunrise participants. On their journey, passengers will get impressions of the curvature of the earth, the thin blue strip of the earth’s atmosphere, the infinite darkness of space, and the constellations of the stars. Because the turbulence typical of commercial aircraft travel is eliminated, spaceflight participants can stand up and move around the spacecraft shortly after liftoff. The on-board crew, consisting of the pilot and an assistant, acts as a guide both on the ground and in space and is extensively trained in flight operations, hospitality and medical support.

The World View space tourism program will begin commercial flights in 2024, with excursions from natural and man-made wonders like the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef. The flights will take passengers in an unpressurized stratospheric balloon and pressurized space capsule to an altitude of 100,000 feet, nearly 23 miles above Earth, for an experience like no other that will last six to eight hours. Participants will intensely experience and absorb the beauty, fragility, history and meaning of our planet as an inseparable whole.

Design elements and manufacturing aspects continue to be refined. To learn more about World View, visit worldview.space.


World View is the leading stratospheric exploration company dedicated to inspiring humanity to rediscover our planet. World View wants to achieve its self-imposed goal through the in-house developed Stratollite imaging process and the newly founded companies for space tourism and exploration: to rediscover the value of our planet so that it can also provide future generations with a decent home. to live. on. For more information, see worldview.space.

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