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World Cup Qualifiers 2022 Africa.. 4 rules to decide the World Cup cards

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The Arab teams have great chances of reaching the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, before the second leg of the African qualifier.

The first leg of the decisive round resulted in Egypt’s 1-0 win over Senegal, while Algeria and Tunisia edged out Cameroon and Mali by the same scoreline.

The Moroccan team returned to their country with a beautiful 1-1 against the Democratic Republic of the Congo, while the last game of the first leg ended in a goalless draw between Ghana and Nigeria.

But what are the rules of the African Football Confederation and the list of the final stage of the qualifiers on the continent?

2022 World Cup Africa Qualifiers

Firstly, the qualifying list states that there is a legal goal rule, which means that a team that scores an away goal has two goals.

Consequently, for the Moroccan team, for example, a goalless draw in Casablanca with Congo is enough to qualify directly for the World Cup.

In this case, the Egyptian team will qualify even if they lose 1-2 to Senegal in Dakar, a result that gives Cameroon two passes and Mali also against Algeria and Tunisia, so the Greens and the Eagles of Carthage will have to be careful.

The second rule is that if the original time of the match ends with the same result as the first leg, the two sides will rule for two additional periods of a quarter of an hour each, such as the loss of Egypt, Algeria or Tunisia with a score of 0 -1 against Senegal, Cameroon or Mali, respectively.

The third rule states that extra time is arithmetically included in the original time of the match, which means that if the away team scores during that time, the goal is counted as 2, and so on.

Finally, in the event of a tie after the end of extra time, penalty kicks will be used as a last resort to decide the World Cup qualifiers.

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