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Workers of the world, unite: Delia Smith prepares her manifesto for a new world order

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Delia Smith – John Lawrence for The Telegraph

Delia Smith has claimed that the “workers of the world” should be in charge rather than “a few at the top”, as she trades cooking for politics.

The celebrity chef has deviated from her six-decade culinary career with a new book on spirituality, You Matter: The Human Solution, telling fans on Saturday that her days hosting food shows are behind her.

Moving from gastronomy to political philosophy, he has argued that partisan politics has come to an end and that “workers” and “coal people” should band together and replace “shoddy” leaders.

Addressing fans at an Oxford Literary Festival talk about his new book, Smith said: “The workers of the world should be running the world, not a few t—–s at the top. The people who run the world are not the right people.”

Drawing inspiration from his businesses and running Norwich City football club, he has advocated a collective approach to power and politics, where “you don’t have hierarchies and you don’t have leaders in this, that and the other. You have collaboration”.

In addition, Smith has also suggested that political parties should be a thing of the past, arguing that party politics is “done” and “we need to have a new politics.”

The cook, who in 2015 pledged to support Labour, argued that this new policy should avoid ideological distinction, saying: “I would like to see our country get rid of the ‘left’, get rid of the ‘right’ and find people who can collaborate together and care about how to make it work.”

‘I am not a prophet… I cannot start a political movement’

Delia Smith and Michael Wynn-Jones - Harry Trump/Getty Images

Delia Smith and Michael Wynn-Jones – Harry Trump/Getty Images

Smith has advocated for a change in You Matter, but told fans in Oxford that she herself is not a “prophet” and “cannot start a political movement”.

However, he expressed hope that “younger people will start a movement” to bring about change, and that his new book could be a “drop in the ocean” that could help inspire this and “make us all think”.

His new publication explores questions of spirituality and humanity’s place in the universe, drawing inspiration from the work of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the French Jesuit theologian and scientist.

Smith acknowledged that his new venture is an “ambitious” departure from much of his previous work, although he has written books on Catholic teachings in the past, but explained that after he turned 70 in 2011, his agent told him he could ” do what you want.” I like”.

His book doesn’t mention religion, instead pointing to “natural spirituality,” but Smith said he still attends church.

Food and soccer to think

While she’s not leaving her faith behind with her new job, the host best known for shows like How to Cook has confirmed she’s leaving cooking shows behind and not watching the work of contemporary TV cooks.

Smith attended the Oxford Literary Festival with Michael Wynn-Jones, her husband, who is also a shareholder in Norwich City. She spoke about the future of the club, which she grew to love thanks to her partner’s passion for the team.

He said that the “billions” from other clubs made it difficult for Norwich to progress, but suggested that although no external financiers with similar funds had yet approached him to invest in the club, any such investment would be decided by the supporters.

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