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Wooden slats: the decor trend you bring to the bedroom with this headboard from Ikea


The headboard adapts to different furnishing styles. IKEA.

Wooden slats have become a versatile and stylish decoration that is not only a trend but also offers endless possibilities to separate spaces and create modern, cozy and elegant spaces. In addition to hallways or walls, the slats are also often used as wall cladding, cupboard doors or as a headboard.

An example is this model from the MANDAL line by Ikea, stylish and minimalist, based on wooden slats and contrasting shelves to make the most of the space in the bedroom. It is a best-selling product from the famous Swedish brand, available to buy now in his shop on-line to add a warm touch to any room.

functional and decorative

With a modern and minimalist design by the Swedish Nike Karlsson, this headboard offers a beautiful and practical solution for the bedroom as it includes a storage space to eliminate bedside tables. In this way, you can not only achieve a stylish decoration, but also save space in small bedrooms and free up the floor to place drawers under the bed or other storage solutions.

The headboard is made of solid birch wood and has a very beautiful and warm natural wood color. Its dimensions are 240 x 61 centimeters and it is 28 centimeters deep.

With sliding shelves

In contrast to the wood color of the slats, the headboard is accompanied by six white shelves that can be placed as you like and that can be moved from time to time to clean or change the decoration.

The shelves are also very convenient to have books, glasses, mobile phones or other small things in bed ready to hand. The headboard can also be wall mounted and you can choose the height you want to fit the size of the bed or achieve the best bedroom layout.

*All purchase prices contained in this article are as of 07/28/2022.

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