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Woman reveals how the man’s Hinge profile included a voice note from his ex-girlfriend: ‘The hardest step’

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A woman has shared how a man’s online dating profile included a voicemail from his ex-girlfriend, where she called him “such a cheat.”

In a recent video shared on TikTok, Courtney Etheridge, @courtneytaylore, shared a screenshot of a voicemail on a man’s Hinge profile. Once Etheridge played the ad, she was heard from a woman saying that she was the ex-girlfriend of the man whose name is Bennett. And according to the ex, she “no longer has feelings” for him, but she still thinks he’s “a good catch.”

“She’s Bennett’s ex-girlfriend and she really wanted to be here and let them know she’s a good catch,” the woman said. “We’re just friends now, there are no feelings for each other, so don’t worry about me.”

“But I just wanted to come here and let you guys know that he really is going to treat you right,” the message continued. “It’s just amazing.”

The ex-girlfriend then noted that maybe she could “meet one day” one of Hinge’s Bennett love interests.

“So he can’t wait to talk to you guys,” he added. “And maybe we’ll meet someday, bye!”

However, Etheridge wasn’t too amused by the voice, as her video caption reads, “This was the hardest pass I’ve ever had on a dating app.” She could also be seen shaking her head and rolling her eyes.

As of March 18, the video has over 30,000 views, and TikTok users agree the ex-girlfriend’s message was a bad sign.

“WOW THAT’S A NO FROM ME,” wrote one, while another said, “I’d rather be single than entertain myself with that.”

Others questioned why Bennett was still friends with his ex-girlfriend.

“If it’s so amazing, why isn’t she with him?” a commenter asked. “And I always think that being friends with an ex is shady.”

“She really said ‘I’m crazy stay away from him’ lmfaoo,” wrote another.

Some people stated that while it is still possible to be friends with an ex, including her voice on a dating profile may not be a good idea, one of whom said, “One of my exes is one of my best friends, but I NEVER see her.” would leave”. do this.”

talking to the independentEtheridge said that Bennett was someone she had met in the past, as she had created a new profile of Hing and he kept showing up, however, they did not meet “this time”.

When she first heard the voice, Etheridge was “shocked” and stated that she was “bracing herself for drama and failure to find someone”.

“No woman wants to deal with a man and his ex being so close and competitive that we will naturally feel because of that,” she added. “So basically, in my opinion, it’s a red flag and I think his ex is going to continue to push the boundaries with new women that she decides to talk to, and that’s not healthy.”

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