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Witness: Trump knew about armed supporters

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Status: 06/28/2022 11:09 p.m.

During the hearings into the US Capitol takeover, a former employee heavily incriminated ex-President Trump. He therefore knew that some of his followers were armed. Trump also wanted to go to the Capitol himself.

A former White House staffer has heavily incriminated former US President Donald Trump in the commission of inquiry into the Capitol storming. Cassidy Hutchinson told a startling public hearing that Trump knew some of his supporters who gathered for a protest on January 6, 2021 were armed.

However, he ordered them not to be stopped on their march to the Capitol and even demanded that metal detectors be removed at the entrance to the rally. Trump said, “You’re not here to do anything to me. Take the shit detectors out. Let my people in. You can walk to the Capitol from here,” the aide to the Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, on the US committee. -House of Representatives. Then, as she remembers, he said something like, “I don’t give a fuck if they have guns.” She claimed to have heard those words from him shortly before his speech. When a president delivers a speech, security personnel require those present to pass through metal detectors.

Giuliani would have spoken of a “great” day

According to her own statements, the 25-year-old was a Meadows employee that day and in the preceding weeks at the White House during key discussions between Meadows, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and others. Meadows told him beforehand that it could be “very, very bad,” Hutchinson said. Giuliani, meanwhile, referred to a “great day” and said, “We’re going to the Capitol.”

Trump also demanded that he be taken to congressional headquarters after his speech to thousands of supporters on the ellipsis behind the White House. There, his supporters wanted to storm a meeting in which the election victory of Trump opponent Joe Biden was to be formally confirmed.

At the Jan. 6 rally, Trump previously incited his supporters to rob him of his election victory. He also publicly stated at the time that he too would be coming to the Capitol. As a result, there have been several reports that Trump actually wanted to make it happen – but so far no confirmation from Trump’s executive circle at the time.

Angry because he couldn’t make it to the Capitol

During the rally — just before his supporters violently stormed the Capitol — Trump still assumed he would personally visit the Capitol, Hutchinson continued. When the president was told on leaving the rally by his Secret Service bodyguard that he could not go to Congress for security reasons, he was very “angry”.

Citing a conversation with a colleague and the Secret Service official immediately after the incident, Hutchinson described Trump even trying to grab the driver’s steering wheel in the armored SUV. They say he said, “I’m the fucking president, take me to the Capitol.” The bodyguard grabbed her arm to pull her away from the steering wheel, she continued. Trump used his free arm to fire back.

She wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted to do on Capitol Hill, Hutchinson said. But we were talking that he wanted to enter the chamber of the House of Representatives. There had already been considerations that Trump might give another speech on Capitol Hill, Hutchinson said.

‘Disgusted’ by Trump’s comments on Pence

His supporters rioted there after smashing windows and doors, threatening to hang Democratic leaders and Vice President Mike Pence, who refused to withhold confirmation of Biden’s election victory. Five people died in the riots. Four police officers who were on duty that day committed suicide. The attack on the heart of American democracy has shaken the country.

Hutchinson also called Trump’s attacks on his former deputy Mike Pence “unpatriotic.” She said, citing Meadows, that Trump believed Pence deserved the attacks on him. Committee Vice Chair Liz Cheney made similar comments during a previous hearing. According to the Republican, Trump spoke positively about the efforts to hang his vice president. Hutchinson was “disgusted” by it all, she said. “It was unpatriotic, it was un-American. We saw the Capitol be degraded because of a lie,” she said.

Broken plates and ketchup on the wall

Hutchinson also recounted another incident about a month earlier, when she heard noise coming from a room in the White House, then saw there was a broken plate on the floor and ketchup dripping from the wall. . President Trump threw his food at the wall in anger over then-Attorney General William Barr’s statement that his department had found no evidence of voter fraud that could have changed the election outcome. He was told to stay away from Trump that day, Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson had been called as a surprise witness. At a previous hearing, she was already the center of attention – but at that time only videos of her statements were shown. “I want all Americans to know that what Ms. Hutchinson did today was not easy,” Republican Cheney said, after resuming questioning of the witness. “The easiest way is to hide from the spotlight, refuse to come forward and try to minimize or deny what happened.” In recent weeks, former employees and government officials have repeatedly testified and strongly incriminated Trump.

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