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With extensive international participation… The 2022 International Real Estate Exhibition kicks off in Dubai

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The three-day International Property Show 2022 kicked off at the Dubai World Trade Center in a strategic partnership with the Dubai Land Department.

This took place in the presence and participation of hundreds of international real estate exhibitors, and more than 600 international real estate investors.

The exhibition aims to shed light on the new real estate investment opportunities and the most outstanding novelties in everything related to innovative real estate services and compatible with the best international practices in this matter, as well as a program of visits and intensive meetings throughout its celebration days.

The exhibition marks the beginning of a new chapter for the real estate sector in a period when the world is witnessing a qualitative shift towards flexibility, innovation and digital transformation. Digital is available through the “Dubai Rest” smart app.

On the sidelines of the first day of the fair, a conference was held with the participation of several local and international real estate agencies, during which the speakers highlighted the different opportunities, challenges and experiences of the sector and reviewed the possibilities of future camaraderie.

Major General Ahmed Zaki Abdeen, President of the New Administrative Capital of Egypt, reviewed the achievements of the New Administrative Capital, as well as the investment opportunities available to attract domestic and foreign investment.

DLD -through its strategic alliance for the event- highlights its most important and outstanding innovative services and initiatives, specifically the “Dubai REST” smart application, which is the smart platform for real estate services, through which all the real estate services of owners, tenants, real estate brokers, real estate developers and residents Real estate, investors and all groups benefited by the real estate market, where the number of real estate services available through the application exceeds 100 services that cover everything related to real estate and enhancing the experience for dealers and investors alike.

The International Real Estate Exhibition is an important platform to improve communication opportunities between the various actors in the real estate sector by strengthening commercial and cooperative alliances with investors and prominent figures in the sector, as it aims to support real estate companies through promoting their projects and giving them an edge in a highly competitive market.

The event will witness the presentation of numerous services and projects alike for the different participating real estate developers, which will contribute to promoting economic progress, enabling sustainability in the emirate and providing more opportunities to investors and entrepreneurs in the real estate sector, in addition to the role of the exhibition in enhancing knowledge and awareness of current developments in the real estate market through a selection of local and international real estate stakeholders and experts.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, Karim Tajoumati, Director General of the Moroccan National Agency for the Conservation of Real Estate, Surveying and Cartography, visited the headquarters of the Dubai Department of Lands with the aim of exchanging experiences and common knowledge, specifically regarding digitization. transformation in the real estate sector, as well as reviewing the achievements of “Dubai Land” in the real estate sector.

This year, the International Real Estate Exhibition registered a growth in the number of exhibitors from all over the world, who are showing various projects for investors, including projects from countries such as Portugal, Spain, the United States, Brazil, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asian countries and other countries around the world, confirming that Dubai has become a unique global real estate destination.

The event is expected to see direct show floor sales for interested buyers, as well as a full range of properties, from ultra-luxury residences to other affordable real estate units in the UAE.

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