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With an amazing five… the ‘striking rebel’ waits for Jamal Belmadi’s signal

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Sami Frewi, the striker from the Mouloudia capital, has come out strong this season in Algerian league competitions, despite the many crises he faced early on.

Frioi managed to become the top scorer in the Algerian league (Sunday) by scoring an amazing five that raised his score to 14 goals, after leading his team to a lopsided victory over Sari Relizan (8-2) on matchday 21 of the competition.

With that quintet, Frewi put his name on the table of Jamal Belmadi, coach of the Algerian national team, in the next stage, especially given the scoring sterility experienced by the Saharawi warriors in the recent stage, which manifested itself in 2021. Cup Africa of Nations, from which the Greens sadly said goodbye to the groups.

In this report, “Al Ain Sports” reviews highlights of the 30-year-old Algerian striker’s career.

Who is Sami Frewi?

Sami Frewi entered the ranks of the capital’s youth league, and did not play much in the first team, but his participation is counted on the fingers of two hands in 3 seasons, in which he scored a goal.

Frewi also moved between the clubs of USM El Harrach, JS Bejaia and USM Blida, in addition to a very brief professional experience in the Greek club Larissa.

The Algerian player returned to the ranks of Mouloudia, the capital, again in January 2019 with a contract for two and a half seasons, which he renewed for one more season, ending in the summer of 2022.

continuous jumps

Sami Frewi’s start with USM El Harrach was very disappointing as he failed to find the net in 12 league games in the 2014-2015 season.

In the 2017-2018 season, he made the leap by scoring 15 goals in 19 games with USM Blida, to move to Larissa from Greece at the end of the season.

Across 3 1/2 seasons in Mouloudia’s jersey, Frewi began his career scoring 4 goals in 14 league games, then 9 in 15 games in the second season and 11 goals in 20 games last season, breaking his average this season by scoring 14 goals in 19 games.

From the belly of crises

Sami Frewi did not find the road ahead strewn with roses, but instead faced many crises before settling down in the MCA jersey, the longest experience of his career.

Frewi came to MCA after a big scare in Greece, where he played only 24 minutes in Larissa’s jersey to leave after a few months, despite signing a 3-year contract at the beginning.

Last season, the Algerian player suffered a fracture during the Mouloudia Oran match, on matchday 26 of the League, which ended his season, after requiring his foot to be in a cast for 3 weeks.

Frioui is the top scorer in the Algerian league

After Sami Frewi recovered from injury, he came into conflict with the club management and stopped training due to the club’s refusal to increase his financial salary, before the player returned to the training pitch and apologized to his teammates and coaching staff.

missing solution

Despite this solid career of striker Mouloudia Algiers, he has never represented the Algerian national team at all levels, be it in the junior, youth or senior teams.

With his brilliance in the last two seasons, Frewi prevailed as a possible option for coach Djamel Belmadi, coach of the Algerian national team, who suffered a lot offensively in the last African Cup in Cameroon.

The desert warriors were knocked out of the tournament from the first round and lost their chance to defend the 2019 title early, due to the drop in level of strikers Baghdad Bounedjah and Islam Slimani, as well as the exclusion of Andy Delors, the top Montpellier’s scorer, from the accounts.

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