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Windows 10 and 11: how to share files via the OneDrive link



Jul 20, 2022 at 4:13 p.m.

With Windows 10 and 11, you can access OneDrive for free to send your files online. A simple link is used for sharing.

Initially, sending data with OneDrive was only possible between OneDrive users. The Windows cloud service has now lifted this restriction and allows sending files in Windows 10 and Windows 11 via a link. This lets you post and share individual files and even entire folders quickly and easily.

Unlike alternatives such as WeTransfer, which also transfer larger amounts of data for free, with OneDrive you can even keep the folder structure of sent folders. So you never lose track of the material sent and solve everything easily through a single service.

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But the feature of sharing data exclusively with other OneDrive users is still there. You should use it especially if secure transfer of sensitive data is a priority. After all, a public link can always fall into the wrong hands.

  1. 01 Windows 10 - File Explorer - OneDrive 01 Windows 10 - File Explorer - OneDrive

    To be able to share files or folders with OneDrive, you must first store them in your OneDrive directory. You can find it on the left in File Explorer in the navigation area.

  2. 02 Windows 10 - Store files in OneDrive 02 Windows 10 - Store files in OneDrive

    As usual in Windows, you can easily drag and drop directories or files or copy them while holding down the CTRL key.

  3. 03 Windows 10 - OneDrive - Synchronization 03 Windows 10 - OneDrive - Synchronization

    These are then automatically uploaded to the cloud drive, which you can recognize by the round arrow symbol. If the data is large, it may take some time. You can follow the download process via an information box accessible by clicking on the OneDrive icon (taskbar).

  4. 04 Windows 10 - OneDrive - Sync completed 04 Windows 10 - OneDrive - Sync completed

    You will see a green tick when the download is complete. The cloud that can be displayed for other files or folders means that these are currently only in the cloud and not on your computer.

  5. 05 Windows 10 - Share a OneDrive link 05 Windows 10 - Share a OneDrive link

    Once the download is successful, you can right-click on a folder and select “Share a OneDrive link” to create a download page accessible through a web browser. The link is then automatically found in the Windows clipboard. You can then use the “CTRL + V” shortcut to enter it in any text field, for example in a WhatsApp or Skype message, or even an email.

  6. 06 Microsoft Edge - View OneDrive files with download option 06 Microsoft Edge - View OneDrive files with download option

    Anyone with this link can use the web browser to download the shared data. If it is an image or a video, a preview image is even displayed.

In addition to the OneDrive service, which is particularly suitable for Windows users, there are many other easy-to-use and secure data storage cloud services.

If you’re having trouble with Windows 10 or Windows 11, or just feel the need to learn more about operating systems, we recommend checking out our linked overview pages. Not only will you find tips and tricks for resolving tricky emergencies, but you can also learn about features that Windows has in store for you that you might not even know about.

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