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William Levy may have new love and is his co-star in ‘Monte Cristo’

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Without a doubt William Levy He is still one of the most desired men in all of Latin America and millions of people in different countries are eagerly awaiting the premiere of “Montecristo”, his most recent production, but the series could also bring new love. to Cuban life. actor, because a photo has raised many questions.

The idol of the soap opera is in the Canary Islands for the pre-production and recording of the series and some photos of her daily life on the islands have been seen through the networks, but it was a photo shared by the actress Spanish Guiomar Puerta who has started to make a splash on this side of the pond.

William Levy and Guiomar Puerta, the new Latino show business romance?

The 29-year-old actress born in Bilbao, Spain, recently shared a photograph on her official Instagram account, celebrating the closeness of “Montecristo”, in which she will share the screen with Levy. His over 36,000 followers on the platform have gone wild and the theories have already started rolling in everywhere.

There’s been a lot of talk about Levy’s love life in recent months, especially after breaking up with Elizabeth Gutiérrez, whose marriage proved to be lasting, but not forever. In the photo, you can see the two performers extremely happy and embracing, which could easily be a sign or the start of something.

This was highlighted by the fans, who were quick to point out the good couple formed by the Cuban and the Spaniard “Par de guapuras!” », « They are both beautiful. The rest is complex business…” and “The envy of half the world! were some of the comments on the post.

What do we know about William Levy and Guiomar Puerta?

The actress will play Alba Mondrago, the rebellious and passionate daughter that the protagonist’s sworn enemy had with the young girlfriend of Alejandro (Levy). They should therefore share several scenes. But, as has happened before, it seems to be just a professional relationship.

Levy is linked to almost every actress he works with and no matter how hard the media tries so far, there seems to be no way to confirm a relationship beyond work between the two. We’ll have to see what months of recordings do to each of them.

Source metroecuador.com

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