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Will the trial against Leonidas Iza influence the agreement with the government?

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They declared the hearing against the president of the CONAIE, Leonidas Iza, which took place this Monday, July 4. The native chief He was charged with the alleged crime of paralyzing a public service.

The judge made a request to the constitutional Court with a new period of 15 days to collect the necessary evidence; During this period, Iza must report to the pursuit.

The actual trial took place 4 days after the signing of the agreement with the Government. The meeting, which took place in the auditorium of the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conferencelasted more than 5 hours and resulted in a drop in the value of the fuel and the repeal of several decrees.

At the end of this hearing, Monday July 4, Leonidas He spoke about whether the process will affect the agreements reached with the executive and future issue tables.

“We said as a matter of principle that none of the functions of the state should have an impact. They must have autonomy. Now a lot depends on national government dialogue in good faith, that these issues are really resolved, that this agreement that was signed last week is not really going to shake”.

“Now we will focus on the core issues. I think this idea of ​​destabilization, of a coup d’etat, any situation is distorted.

“These are rights that we got through the 18 Days fight. We now have 90 days for the signed agreements to materialize (…) A social protest cannot be confused with an act of terrorism or vandalism. Social struggle is a right”.

In other words, for Leonidas Iza this should not influence the agreement and it all depends on whether the executive wants to dialogue in good faith.

Source metroecuador.com

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