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Will Smith “threatened with arrest” on the happiest day of his life

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On the happiest day of his life, American actor Will Smith is under threat of arrest after he blew up the Oscars host.

The hashtag “Arrest Will Smith” became a trend on Twitter, after the Oscar-winning actor slapped his colleague Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the slap was like a bombshell at the 2022 Oscars, as the entire room fell silent and the public was left defenseless.

During the Oscars 2022, presenter Chris Rock joked about Will Smith’s wife, but the latter did not accept it and got up from his chair and went on stage specifically to slap “Rock” and order him not to say his wife’s name in the tongue.

The newspaper said that Hollywood took the initiative to express its rejection of violence in all its forms, as British actor Anthony Hopkins commented on the situation through his “Twitter” account with the word “peace.”

American director Judd Apatow said: “I could have killed him. This is pure anger that is completely out of control. They have heard millions of jokes about themselves in the last few years. They are not new to the world of Hollywood. They have to learn to accept a joke.

The director later deleted the tweet again through his Twitter account, but the audience had already interacted with it.

Singer Jaden Smith, daughter of Will and Jada Smith, had another opinion, as she was proud of her father and said on Twitter: “This is what we do in the family.”

Singer 50 Cent turned the situation into a joke, posting a photo of the slap and telling Smith, “Don’t you ever kid me again.”

Will Smith won the Oscar for Best Actor in 2022 for King Richard, but the slap in the face brought attention to his historic first career win.

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