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Will Smith has his double in Lima: he plays in the streets of Gamarra and comes on TV

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from a corner of Gamarra to television studios. Already America Yes mountain bike they had it in certain spaces. Yasual Avila I just Venezuela where he was a policeman and in Peru He held many jobs. However, the mirror never lied to him: its resemblance to Will Smith it is indisputable.

Ávila has lost its shame and was installed at one of the intersections of the commercial emporium of Gamarra. I knew I had to To take advantage of to his physical resemblance, which he completed by learning the exact gestures of the American actor. Thus, he won the affection of merchants, his compatriots and visitors to the emporium. He turned around viral of video what they did to him

The Chinese Band interviewed him and also appeared on J.B. in mountain bike. In this last program, he had a very important artistic participation in the main course of the production with Dayanita. He was in the famous and hilarious foundry they do from Saturday to Saturday in the space that hosts Jorge Benavides.

Will Smith’s “official” double

The Avila’s Biography in his networks call it like double “official” Will Smith. However, the American actor He did not comment on the work of imitation that the Venezuelan does. A helping hand from Black-smith It would be one more boost for this migrant.

In J.B.Ávila played alongside Dayanite and also interviewed him Pan American. “Let’s turn the chicken down with the choreography I did with my cousin carlton“, tells Ávila to the journalist of channel 5. In addition to the character of the Prince of Rap, he is also characterized as Jthe character played by Will Smith in men in black.

I am very grateful to the Peruvian people. my dream is meet Will Smith and pay homage to story of the prince of rap“, he counted. The investment in the clothes was made by the Venezuelan himself with income from his other work.

Source metroecuador.com

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