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Why should new clothes be washed before wearing?

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There’s nothing like the look of new clothes that don’t need to be ironed or cleaned, but you should probably wash new clothes before you wear them.
According to experts, wearing new clothes before washing can lead to skin problems, as harmful chemicals are often used during the manufacturing process. You may think new clothes are safe if they don’t look dirty, but they can be harmful to your skin if they contain toxins that can seep into your skin.

Lee W. Johnson, founder of the menswear company Old Bull Lee, explains that most clothing factories are located in dense urban industrial areas with a high concentration of people, trucks, and manufacturing. He adds that these factories often have “questionable air quality” and are cooled with open windows, allowing contaminants to spread and stick to fabrics.

“A lot of airborne industrial pollutants fly around fabrics, and they’re likely to settle on those fabrics during the time it takes to make them. By the time the clothes get to you, they might look fine, but there’s a lot of things that are in them that may not be,” Johnson added. You see it”.

Even if the plant has better air circulation, the chemicals used in the process can be dangerous to be concerned about, such as lead, which is a fairly common ingredient in many brightly colored dye pigments, and formaldehyde, a carcinogen often known. for use on clothes that do not wrinkle.

Dermatologist Dr. Azadeh Shirazi also warns consumers to beware of quinoline, which can appear at high levels, especially in polyester, and can not only cause allergic contact dermatitis, but is also potentially linked to increased risk Of cancer.

The best way to wash new clothes
Fortunately, cleaning your new clothes isn’t a daunting task, Johnson suggests, “turn your new clothes inside out, wash them lightly cold (cold to maintain color), and dry them to remove any invisible toxins that might be on the surface.” .

And if the garments are delicate or you’re worried about damaging them before you have a chance to wear them, you can always hand wash them. A quick and simple hand wash with a bit of liquid detergent is all you really need to remove them. some chemicals and dyes from clothing before they come into contact with the skin, according to The Huffington Newspaper American Post.


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