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Why Do Some Black and Hispanic Men Vote Republicans?

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For my new work driverI have seen immigrants from Shanghai and Beijing become pawns in a national effort to destroy education and erase differing interpretations of American history and culture. Proof that this effort is surviving is that some of the billionaires who voted for a far-right candidate in the Ohio primary backed the Virginia governor, who won on defamation loved, the novel by Toni Morrison. These wealthy men also contributed to the removal of three San Francisco board members, one Black, one Latina, and one Samoan, who wanted to provide black and Hispanic children with a quality education.

Alison Collins, the black representative on the board, was singled out. He received death threats for demagoguery in the press, including media such as The new republic, The New York Times or FoxNews. They insist that American education is Anglocentric, which is a problem in the western part of the country heavily influenced by Hispanic culture. Despite trying to eradicate it, this is an unstoppable force. Unlike the Anglocentric East, the West is bilingual and multicultural. Hispanic literature, for example, dates back to 1610 when Gaspar Pérez de Villagrá published his epic poem History of New Mexico.

Due to an inevitably Anglocentric curriculum, many Hispanic students and their parents are unaware of this heritage. Also ignorant of American history are San Francisco students whose parents are Chinese immigrants and who are ignorant of the history of atrocities committed against the Chinese since the California Gold Rush, including the largest mass lynching in American history, which took place in Los Angeles in 1871 Angeles and the sale of Chinese girls as sex slaves as early as the 1850s. For now, Chinese Americans are members of the Democratic Coalition. The white nationalists want to dissolve this coalition.

Another major fear among the white settler population is an alliance between black Americans and the group they call Hispanics; many culturally diverse groups that have agglomerated the media. Under the slavers’ “one-drop rule” millions of “Hispanics” are black. A Chinese-American vanguard led by writer Frank Chin opposes the Anglicanization of the Chinese-American population and their use as pawns by the white right; but unlike the black writers who are part of the canon, little attention was paid to their voices. White Americans prefer their Chinese to be docile and accommodating. White writers coined the term “model minority” and stereotyped Asian Americans as “hardworking” and assimilated, in contrast to lazy black laggards who resisted assimilation.

Below are some recent comments responsible for this Hispanic desertion:

Stanley Greenberg writes The American Prospectus: “The Democratic Party is also losing the support of working-class Blacks and Hispanics.”

in a column of The New York Times, Mike Madrid sarcastically wrote: “While the Democrats debate this LatinLatinos go to the Republican Party.”

David Brooks, who, along with Bret Stephens, never misses an opportunity to denigrate black people in the opinion section of New York TimesHe wrote: “In this country the expression coloured people sometimes covers a wide variety of different ethnic experiences. It contributes to a simplistic narrative of oppressor and oppressed, in which white Republicans are meant to stand on one side and people of color on the other. That made it difficult to anticipate the impressive gains among Hispanics that Trump made in 2020.”

Although President Biden would not have won without the support of Black men and Latina women, in 2020 18% of Black men preferred Trump. They saw it as onegangsta” and a “Beach(Womanizer), which is why some hip-hop stars like Kanye West have promoted it. And 2 Live Crew rapper Luther Campbell said he was at a Trump party that was so “beast” he left!

These black and Hispanic men, 39% of Trump’s 2020 electorate, must be unfamiliar with how authoritarian regimes work. You’d better look at how Trump’s heroes and dictators work in the Philippines, Turkey, North Korea and Russia. For his second presidency, Trump wanted Black Lives Matter protesters to be shot at. Those arrested during this second Trump administration could disappear, and relatives who showed photos of the disappeared could also disappear. The police would have full powers to treat black and mulatto citizens as they wished.

The junior vigilante group, motivated by 18-year-old white nationalist hero Kyle Rittenhouse, armed with automatic weapons, will go on the hunt for left-wing protesters. They could invade black neighborhoods to murder, rape, and loot, common practice among white mafias in the 19th and 20th centuries. With the fratricidal mass deaths among young black men as a result of the Reagan administration giving the green light to the contras to commercialize crack in our neighborhoods, who would be left to defend these settlements?

Certainly these Hispanic men drawn to Trump’s fake strongman pose do not know that under the Herbert Hoover administration, one million Hispanics were deported, whether they were US citizens or not. Hoover blamed Mexican Americans for the Great Depression and accused them of taking jobs away from Americans.

“Working-class Blacks and Hispanics for the Republican Party?”. The unions can forget them. Strikes are met with deadly force. Forget the US Bill of Rights. If any black or brown men go over to Trump, they will join most of the friendly white women who were already there. You voted for Trump twice, choosing race over gender.

They succumbed to Trump’s promise that he would save them from rapists crossing the Mexican border when those women were most likely raped by acquaintances. They’re fans of a Republican version of protection fraud, and the fact that white women voted for Trump led his appointed justices to go to the Supreme Court to scrap abortion rights.

The indifferent response to the killings of Hispanic children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott shows that he and his party are more loyal to the gun lobby than to keeping those children safe.

Will this stop Hispanics from voting Republican? Maybe not. Two leaders of white nationalist groups are Hispanic. Henry Enrique Tarrio, a Cuban-American, is the leader of the Proud Boys, a far-right fascist group that led the attack on the Capitol. The founder of another white nationalist group, the Groypers, is Nicholas Joseph Fuentes. Despite the fact that thousands of immigrant children report being molested in detention centers, and despite the fact that the Republican Party is eliminating the Hispanic vote in Texas, this vote leans in favor of the Republican Party. suicide by choice?

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