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Why do I love Tradingview as someone accused of cryptocurrency?

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Why do I love Tradingview as someone accused of cryptocurrency?

TradingView is one of the most used platforms by cryptocurrency pioneers and enthusiasts. Not just cryptocurrencies, but even stocks. Many consider it one of the best platforms in this context, which can offer you so much for so little. Even the most popular competitors quote the price of Cryptocurrencies from TradingView. So why should you start using it as your platform of choice?

TradingView is the first to offer cryptocurrency prices

You may not realize this, but in fact, all platforms that trade cryptocurrencies, especially CoinMarketCap, are based on TradingView prices. This is because TradingView provides highly accurate live cryptocurrency prices and informs you of their current price. While other platforms may take time to show the real price of cryptocurrencies and digital currencies. So if you are looking for the correct, real and real-time quotes for cryptocurrencies, TradingView is the answer.

Apply strategies and indicators directly and for free

On the cryptocurrency price chart or graph, you can apply a set of strategies and a large number of indicators (Indices) that help you study the state of the market and study the trend of cryptocurrency stocks. There are dozens of such strategies, and each one has its own way of knowing the state of the market and what to expect from the shares of the cryptocurrency you are investing in. This can give you a future idea of ​​whether the cryptocurrency will go up or down.

Activate notifications for cryptocurrencies and stocks

You can set a low and high point for a cryptocurrency, and you will receive a notification and alert if the coin’s stock crosses one of these two points. Assuming you invest in Bitcoin at the $40,000 point and want to sell when it hits $45,000. You can activate an alert at a point of $45,000, you will receive a notification either on the web or on the smartphone, which will help you to control more your earnings in cryptocurrencies and digital currencies.

Not only cryptocurrencies, but also the shares of the most famous companies.

It is a unique platform, in addition to tracking the prices of currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies, it can also track the prices of stocks and even currency pairs. Like stocks of Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Meta, Google, Sahara and many others, and currency pairs like the dollar against the euro, or the euro against the Saudi riyal, etc. You can even set up your own portfolio list of all the cryptocurrencies, stocks, and coins you follow. And you can apply all the aforementioned indicators and features to it.

More services even in the payment plan

All of the above are available for free to all users, and there is a better chance to get more services as well through some paid services. The most important might be increasing the number of pointers you can use. On the free plan, you can only use 3 indicators at most, so choose them wisely. While on the paid plan it is unlimited. And the numerous indicators help you achieve greater accuracy in knowing the status of the crypto currency and whether it will increase or decrease its own price. The paid account also increases the possibility of identifying Alerts or alerts on various cryptocurrencies and stocks, due to the fact that the free account only allows 3 alerts. In general, you can extend the services of TradingView by upgrading your account, of course, if you like the service.

Available on mobile and web seamlessly

Finally, we conclude with you that the platform provides its services to you on the web in the same way that it provides its services on the mobile application. The plurality of its presence on various services makes it better and makes us happy to use this platform and benefit from its services on various platforms. Web platform link: from here, Android platform: from here, then iOS: from here.

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