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Why Biontech and Valneva shares gain 10.66% and 7.54%

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Biotechnology: researchers with corona vaccine test tubes

Germany has decided to abolish almost all corona measures. The reason is the now high vaccination rate and the dominant omicron variant, which leads to fewer deaths than at the beginning of the pandemic. But worldwide only 57.2% (03/14/2022) of all people are fully vaccinated. Therefore, for vaccine manufacturers like Biotech (WKN: A2PSR2) and Valneva (WKN: A0MVJZ) still has a huge unmet need.

Hong Kong reports sharp rise in death toll

According to its own statements, China has so far been almost completely spared from the pandemic. But it is very likely that the data is embellished. This shows a data comparison with Hong Kong, which is at least in the Chinese region. Hong Kong is currently reporting 152,018 new infections in one week (03/13/2022), while there are only 4,813 in all of China. In addition, Hong Kong reports 1,986 new deaths in one week (03/13/2022). In China, on the other hand, it is zero.

As recently as February 2, 2022, Hong Kong reported zero deaths for the previous week, showing how quickly the situation can change. It is acceptable that the number of deaths in China is also rising again. Even if the fatality rate at Omikron in Germany, for example, is only 0.1%, this means a potential 1.42 million deaths for China alone, with a population of 1.42 billion. For this reason, the country is very afraid of outbreaks and that is why it continues to seal off megacities.

Biontech expects more vaccine successes

Also, Biontech stock has only fallen in the last few months, so a negative hype can now be assumed. Dr. founder On the sidelines of the award ceremony for Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstadt, Ugur Sahin said that he expected more success in the next five to ten years. For example, mRNA technology can be used for many vaccines against infectious and autoimmune diseases or cancer.

Valneva hopes that the vaccine will be approved soon

Valneva, on the other hand, is only expecting a big hit with her dead vaccine in the coming months. The company recently gave an update on the European approval process. Valneva has many questions to answer from the Human Medicines Committee during the trial. However, according to the company, their number has decreased significantly recently.

Valneva now expects its VLA2001-COVID-19 vaccine for people ages 18 to 55 to be approved in April 2022, according to a preliminary regulatory timeline. The company could start shipping vaccine doses in the second quarter of 2022.

The European Commission had already ordered 60 million doses for two years in November 2021. Valneva would deliver 24.3 million after approval in 2022. The company has already received market approval in Bahrain. The kingdom has ordered 1 million doses of vaccines, to be delivered by Valneva in March 2022.

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