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Who will host the 2022 Oscars?

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From left to right: Wanda Sykes, Amy Schumer, Regina Hall (Shutterstock)

It’s been a while since Hollywood’s biggest night had a host. The Oscars have been without an MC since Kevin Hart departed under a cloud ahead of the 2019 awards, but this year they’re shaking things up. Last month, the Academy confirmed that to make up for not having a host for the past three years, this year’s ceremony will be hosted by a trio.

Actually, it’s not the first time a team of three has been assigned the job. Back in 1987, actors Chevy Chase, Paul Hogan and Goldie Hawn oversaw the proceedings, but this year’s contingent is making history in another way: It’s the first time the awards have been headlined by an all-female host lineup.

So who are they and how did they manage to land such a coveted and high-profile gig? Here’s our rundown of the 2022 Oscars hosts:

Wanda Sykes

    (Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube)

(Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube)

Whose: Sykes has been a comedian since 1987 and rose to fame after winning an Emmy for his work writing about The Chris Rock Show in 1999.

Where have you seen it: On his Netflix sitcom The Upshaws; playing the groundbreaking stand-up comedy Moms Mabley in The wonderful Mrs. Maisel; stealing scenes from Larry David in Control your enthusiasm.

What you didn’t know: Before becoming a comedian, Sykes spent five years working for the National Security Agency (NSA), the branch of American intelligence that is so secretive it has been dubbed the No Tal Agency. That not only means she’s good at keeping secrets, but she also has a better understanding of world affairs than your average Hollywood star. Case in point: When asked recently why Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wouldn’t be speaking at the Oscars, he replied, “Isn’t he busy right now?”

Amy Schumer

    (False images)

(False images)

Whose: Schumer made a name for herself as a raucous comedienne before establishing herself as a television star with a sketch show. Inside Amy Schumer, which ran from 2013 to 2016.

Where have you seen it: In addition to numerous television credits, he has also starred in films such as 2015’s. derailed train and 2018 I feel pretty. Schumer can currently be seen on Hulu’s life And Beth, a witty dramatic comedy that he also wrote and directed.

What you didn’t know: In 2018, Schumer was arrested in the US Capitol building while protesting Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the US Supreme Court.

Regina Hall

    (Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty)

(Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty)

Whose: Actress who became famous in romantic comedies like 1999 The best man and 2000 love and basketball, as well as a recurring role in the Scary Movie franchise.

Where have you seen it: On television, he recently starred in a dark satire of Wall Street. Black Monday and was absorbed into Nicole Kidman’s wellness cult in nine perfect strangers. His film credits include 2012 think like a man and 2017 girls trip, both produced by Oscars showrunner Will Packer. She received widespread praise for her lead role in the 2018 sitcom. support the girls.

What you didn’t know: In 2010, when she was 40, Hall tried to become a Catholic nun after a bad breakup. She was rejected on the grounds that the age limit to become a nun is 39 years.

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