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Who is Melissa Gate? The model who claims to have been the victim of a scam in Ecuador and would involve Don Day

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Melissa’s Gate is a Colombian model who participated in “The power of love”, first season. The influencer arrived in Ecuador some time ago, since Don Day, a former participant in the same reality show, brought her to Ecuador. However, there is now a whole controversy surrounding the subject.

Recently, the model appeared in a video on her Instagram account claiming she got scammed. And since it was precisely Don Day who had brought the model, it has been commented on social networks that it is believed that he is the one who would be involved in this controversy.

“Don’t eat crumb…from Turkey, and this time I tell them to eat crumb…from Ecuador less. The last time I went to Ecuador, they robbed me, they ripped me off,” he said in his viral video.

Also, in this context, Melissa Gate has indicated that she will not return to The Power of Love either, despite the fact that it was announced that the former participants of the first and second versions would be called back for the third season.

“I’m not going to be in the third season, I’m not going to work with people who haven’t treated me well,” he said.

He also attacked other colleagues and although he did not name names, he said: “I strength working with people who are not an example of life for society, who are not artists, people who only have followers in instagramwho know nothing about art, many rawwho were late,” he underlined forcefully.

Later in another video, he sent another attack. “I was thinking of a person who scammed me when I made this video hahaha Oh my God they believe the Bible and I follow the Koran…

For his part, Don Day said that since she talked about it and talked about it, well, he would too and that she was “ungrateful.

Source metroecuador.com

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