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Who informed the paparazzi?

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Princess Diana died 25 years ago. The documentary “Diana’s last night – love, life, legend” sheds light, among other things, on her plans for the future.

On August 31, 1997, just after midnight, Princess Diana’s car (1961-1997) hit the 13th pillar of the Alma tunnel in Paris. She, her boyfriend, Egyptian film producer Dodi Al-Fayed (1955-1997) and French driver Henri Paul (1956-1997) died from the impact. Rumors and speculation of a possible assassination quickly spread. Above all, businessman Mohamed Al-Fayed (93), the father of the slain Dodi, repeatedly claims that the British establishment had Diana and her son murdered so that Princes William (40) and Harry (37 years old) do not have an Arab father-in-law. Many fans also don’t want to believe it was an accident.

Police and prosecutors in Paris and London have been investigating for nearly a decade. At the end of 2006, they refute all lies and legends in an investigation report of more than 800 pages. The conclusion: The death of one of the most famous women in the world is due to a traffic accident. The driver of the car was drunk (1.83 per thousand) and drugged when he tried to lose the many paparazzi at high speed. The photographers initially arrested were acquitted.

What plans for the future did the queen of hearts have?

In the new documentary “Diana’s last night – love, life, legend” (14.8., 20:15, ZDF) Annika Blendl (41) and Leonie Stade (34) – screenwriters and directors – as well as Ulrike Grunewald (64) – Idea, concept, editing – the exciting questions about who informed the paparazzi and what future plans the queen of hearts actually had shortly before her unexpected death. They also tell particularly impressive stories about the fatal and dramatic hours that followed the accident. Seeing Diana’s body lying on the hospital bed “was the most emotional moment I have ever experienced”, recalled Diana’s British driver Colin Tebbutt.

Employees, bodyguards, journalists, photographers and the emergency doctor who arrived first on the scene of the accident share their memories and their personal assessments. Four phone calls Diana made in her final hours also play a role. In the conversations, the ex-wife of prince Charles (73 years old) told her confidants and friends her summer experiences, her plans with her sons William and Harry, but also the changes she had gone through since her dirty divorce. The big difference between the public life and the private person behind the handsome, rebellious megastar also becomes clear.

The game scenes feature Mareile Blendl (46) as Princess Diana, Patrick Pinheiro (45) as Dodi Al-Fayed and Dirk Ossig (51) as pilot Henri Paul.

Spontaneous decisions on the day of death

According to the documentary, the day Diana and Dodi were to die was marked by many spontaneous decisions. One of the driving forces was the lack of personal protection. The film repeatedly points out that the super-rich do not have the same protection as the royal family. “Diana got rid of her safety. In the end, this decision cost her her life,” said journalist Katie Nicholl.

Diana and Dodi originally wanted to end their summer vacation in Sardinia with a night in the city of love. The ex-queen of hearts also informed at short notice her butler Paul Burrell (64) in London. “She said, ‘I’m going home, but via Paris. Tell the boys I’ll be a day late. We’re only putting off our plans for one night, nothing more,'” Burrell says in the documentary. appeal of the Parisian luxury hotel Ritz.

On the morning of the day of the accident, its employees had prepared two distinguished guests whose names were not mentioned until shortly before their arrival at 4:30 p.m. “In fact, the hotel should have been largely cordoned off,” says Dai Davies, who was head of royal personal security in 1997, but that didn’t happen. Instead, the paparazzi were waiting for the couple at the airport, despite their names not being given until five minutes before landing. But who had informed her?

In the film, journalist Richard Kay is certain that information from Dodi’s team has leaked out. “Mohamed Al-Fayed must have recognized the value of these photos: his son and the Princess of Wales stepping out of the private jet, adorned with the Harrods department store logo. Great publicity,” Kay speculates.

However, other eyewitnesses say in the documentary that Diana informed photographers and reporters during the previous two weeks of vacationing with Dodi on the Al Fayed yacht. “She wanted to continue dominating the front pages,” he says. On the one hand, she would have been anxious to provoke the royal family. On the other hand, she wanted to make jealous her ex-boyfriend, a London heart surgeon with the famous photo of kissing on the boat and the romance with Dodi which was implied. “She knew that picture would be on every front page of the world,” her butler said at the time.

She also had phone calls with her fortune teller and friend Rita Rodgers and with journalist Richard Kay – her last phone call. As he reports, she was reportedly worried because the press accused her of political interference after a visit to Bosnia. A ban for the royal family. Among other things, she would have dreamed of living in the United States. “The paparazzi in America are worse than in Europe,” Kay warned. She didn’t believe it and wanted “a big change”…


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