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Who can break their fast in Ramadan? .. Know the 7 categories

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Islam has allowed some individuals and groups to break their fast in Ramadan, because there is a strong excuse for not fasting in order to protect them from harm and destruction. Who can let them do it?

The holy month of Ramadan is the month of fasting, standing and recitation of the Koran, the month of emancipation, mercy and forgiveness, the month of alms and charity, a month in which the gates of Paradise are opened and good deeds multiply, a month in which prayers are answered, grades are raised, sins are forgiven and God is generous with his servants with all kinds of dignity.

The fast of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam that Almighty God has imposed on the masses of Muslims, and Prophet Muhammad said that whoever fasts it out of faith and in the hope of a reward, God will forgive his previous sins, and whoever do it by faith and with the hope of the reward, God will forgive your previous sins.

Fasting according to Islamic law is “abstaining and abstaining with the intention of spoiling the fast and all things that break the fast, from sunrise of the second sunrise to sunset”, which means that fasting is abstaining from eating anything tangible that enters a person’s stomach during a specified period, ranging from sunrise to sunset.

The intention is one of the conditions of the heart and the determination to adhere to the intention to be rewarded. In order for the servant to distinguish by his actions between the habit and the cult, fasting is considered obedience and approach to Almighty God.

Muslims strive in the month of Ramadan to perform acts of worship to the fullest and get closer to Almighty God, but some may not be able to do so, especially fasting.

Who is allowed to break their fast in the holy month of Ramadan

Islam is a religion of ease and logic, and it is out of His mercy towards His slaves that He made for them legal licenses, that is, ease and ease in judgments and legal texts for those who cannot bear the trouble and difficulty of carry out the cult or the judicial sentence.

The list of those who can break their fast in Ramadan and benefit from licenses within the legal norms includes:

1- A patient who is affected by fasting

It is Sunnah to break the fast of a sick person who fears harm, due to the saying of the Almighty: “Then any of you who are sick or traveling, then the number of days of other days.” [البقرة:184].

Also, when the patient is certain of death or severe harm because he did not break the fast, he should break the fast, due to the general meaning of the saying of the Almighty: And do not throw yourselves into destruction with your own hands. [البقرة:195].

2- The traveler

It is a Sunnah to break the fast of a traveler who is allowed to shorten his prayers, because the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “It is not righteous to fast while travelling.” Agree.

Furthermore, the evidence of the Qur’an is the saying of the Most High: [البقرة:184].

3- Menstruating women and menstruating women

Breaking the fast is obligatory for menstruating women and postpartum women, because he, may God bless him and give him peace, said: “Isn’t it that if you menstruate, you don’t pray and you don’t fast”, he agreed.

Further, the evidence is what Al-Bukhari and Muslim narrated from the hadith of Aisha, may God be pleased with her, who said: “One of us used to menstruate during the time of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, so we were ordered to make up the fasts, but we were not ordered to make up the prayers.”

4- Pregnant and lactating women

It is permissible to break the fast for a pregnant and nursing woman who fears for herself or the child and does not like her fast. Because Almighty God says: “And for those who can do it, a ransom is given to the poor.” [البقرة:184].

It is also inferred from the narration of the Prophet, upon whom be peace and blessings: “Allah has taken half of the prayer and fasting from the traveler, and from the pregnant and nursing woman.” Narrated by Ahmad, Al-Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud Al-Nasa’i, and they both have to make up for it.

5- Inability to fast

Whether the inability to fast is due to old age or a disease from which there is no hope of recovery, and this is evidenced by the saying of the Almighty: “And those who can afford it should rescue a poor person with food.”

Al-Bukhari and others narrated on the authority of Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with them: “It was a concession for the old man and the old woman, that they could fast, break their fast and feed a poor person every day.”

6- Mushrooms to taste

Breaking the fast is obligatory in Ramadan for those who need to break their fast to save the infallible from fatality like fire, drowning and the like.

7- Cheap

As for a Muslim who is not obligated, such as a child or an insane person, he is not obliged to fast, and it is valid for a child and not an insane person, according to Islamweb.

Ruling on those who are allowed to break their fast in Ramadan

The Egyptian Dar al-Iftaa has identified a number of excuses for those who are allowed to break their fast in Ramadan and must make it up, and the rule for each of them, whether for make-up or penance, is as follows:

1- Inability to fast

Either due to old age or due to the presence of some chronic disease with which one cannot fast, and its rule is to pay a ransom for each day and its amount is for provision of food for the poor; Because Almighty God says: {And for those who can bear it, a food ransom for the needy}, and the measure of the tide (which is a measure) is equal to the weight of 510 grams of wheat, according to most jurists.

2- Excessive difficulties

If fasting is difficult for a person due to an illness whose recovery is expected, or he is in an invasion and jihad, or he suffers from extreme hunger or thirst and fears harm, or regularly performs work that is the source of his expense and not he can postpone it and cannot do it with fasting, and his decision is the permissibility of breaking the fast and the need to make it up.

3- Travel

Travel is one of the reasons why Breakfast in Ramadan, and travel from Mushrooms, which can with mushrooms: four refunds, the scientists of miles, and they considered this forty-eight miles or more, whether it is a difficulty or not, and at that time he must make up the days he broke his fast; Because Almighty God says: “And any of you who is sick or travelling, other days” (Al-Baqarah: 184).

4- Pregnancy

If a pregnant woman fears that the fast will affect her, it is permissible for her to break her fast and she must make up for it. being in the sense of the patient; But if she fears for the fetus without herself, or both, then she breaks the fast, and she must repay the ransom and pay the ransom, and according to the Hanafi school, it is only obligatory for her to repay it. .

5- Breastfeeding

Among the excuses that allow breaking the fast is breastfeeding, which is like pregnancy, and follows the same rule.

6- Save the soul

Salvation respected, which is prohibited in Sharia as one who is on the verge of destruction. You have to delete after that.

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