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Who are the tiktokers killed in Yaguachi, Guayas?

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In the middle of this Thursday, June 16, two brothers were shot and killed while riding in a red sedan vehicle. Digner and Mayling Kutaitong were the young the tik tokers screen.

They both gained fame on the Tik Tok platform. worthy It was characterized by downloading content performing playback of musical themes, especially of the urban genre.

The first music video uploaded on the Asian social network dates back to 2020. In his appearances, he showed a humble life where he drove his car or motorbike; In most of his posts, he appeared shirtless and showing off his tattoos.

One of his most viewed videos is when he fired a friend of his who was also murdered in 2020: Manuel Eduardo Zambrano Orellana. The latter was shot at the entrance to the Santa Rosa Citadel and Walter Andreade Avenue.

The victims were traveling in a white van. They were ambushed by a couple of subjects who opened a flurry of gunfire against the citizens.

In the case of her sister, Mayling, she did not find fame on the platform, however, she shared videos with her brother.

Kutaitong is the father of a newborn child, Zaid. It is not known if it was the minor who accompanied the brothers at the time of the murder in yaguachi.

Official figures show that Zone 8, made up of Guayaquil, Samborondón and Durán, is the most violent jurisdiction in the country, with around 555 murders so far this year.

They are followed by Esmeraldas, with 181 violent deaths; the Guayas subzone, which is counted without zone 8, with 159 cases; Manabí, with 149 criminal acts, and Los Ríos with 124 intentional homicides.

Source metroecuador.com

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