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White alkaline looks more charged

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Courage, determination, creativity, stubbornness, work ethic and decisiveness decide where you go. Determination and energy are two words that are used a lot in this league final, both by the protagonists on the pitch and in the analysis that is carried out in the successive games, and both words have defined the resolution of the third point in favor of Real Madrid, who actually managed to define themselves with this greater determination throughout almost the entire series.

Determination on defense to get a shot from side to side, energy to break it timed coordination Passing and a determination in the load of each rebound, capable of unbalancing a game of this level with an attack that also had very clear ideas.

It was already clear in the previous games that more proper names were needed to take the lead in attack. One, two, three and even four Real Madrid players with more than ten points scored plus Yabusele with nine points and eight rebounds, five of them offensive. Before FC Barcelona, ​​they were burdened because they could not find a cure for the losses, up to 19 in the game, with thirteen of them being revivals from their rivals, which have brought them many points. The difference in the number of shots is obvious, and it’s really noticeable on teams with so much offensive power.

If Mirotic came up as a proper name in the second game, this time it’s worth highlighting the clear physical superiority inside, as well as some Hanga and Taylor, who were tremendous in the third quarter. Also the repulsive ability of Llull coming off the bench, Causeur returning to the playoff line and a Yabusele who was important in defense as well as his offensive contribution and you only have to look at the numbers of Nikola who wasn’t all too many found peers to take on this leadership role. Only Kuric and Calathes showed a little face and the option to see what the Hayes-Exum move might offer was not seen as he was charged with fouls too early.

A priori there were those who thought that a shorter rotation against Real Madrid could go against a Barcelona with more troops, but in the third game what had already been shown in the previous two was more evident than in a final quality , leadership, class but also energy is important and in this final the white alkali seems more charged.

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