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Which sport is right for me? How to find your sport

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Some run, bike or swim, others play soccer, handball or another team sport. Lots of people have found “their” sport, but haven’t you?

After all, deciding which sport is “your” isn’t that easy, is it?

But that shouldn’t stop you from leading a healthy, athletic lifestyle. If you don’t know which sport suits you, you’ve come to the right place.

Why doesn’t it work without sport

The list of reasons why you should definitely exercise is incredibly long. Regardless of the sport you finally find for yourself, the health aspects in particular should convince you to play sports.

On the one hand, you stimulate your cardiovascular system through exercise. On the other hand, you strengthen your immune system and prevent diseases. Especially since in the age of digital media and our “9 to 5” jobs we often don’t move enough.

Other than that, sport and exercise are an ideal way to clear your head. You can switch off and leave work and your daily life with small and big worries aside during your training time and leave them behind. The best solutions often come even during sports. By the way, the feeling after your workout, when you’ve been able to completely exhaust yourself, is priceless. You feel fresh, full of energy, and can tackle your other tasks with renewed vigor. Sport offers you the perfect balance, so go for it!

How do I find a sport I like?

Probably the most important aspect when looking for a sport is to have fun. If you’re totally averse to a sport from the start, then it’s best to keep your hands off it. If you don’t enjoy the specific movement, it’s almost certain that you won’t be able to motivate yourself in the long run and keep doing it. In the end, that should be the ultimate goal: to find a sport that you play when you have a hard time getting motivated.

Every beginning is sometimes difficult. Don’t let that put you off. If it doesn’t work right from the start or you don’t see the results you want right away, some will throw in the towel right away. Stay tuned. The fun comes by itself, and especially when you’ve held on for a while. After all, practice makes perfect.

Nobody was born a runner, swimmer, cyclist or footballer. Even professional athletes once started out very small, just like everyone else. You should always keep this in mind. An ace of the sport has not yet fallen from the sky. Show passion, commitment, perseverance. And, if necessary, just try various sports.

What sport can you start at 30?

The fact is that there is no age that excludes sport in general. So there are no excuses. If you’ve never exercised before, are in your 30s and don’t quite know where to start, then endurance sports like running are probably the closest thing for you. The effort is relatively small and inexpensive. Put on a sporty outfit and go outside. First of all, you don’t need fancy equipment.

Added to this are the health benefits. opposite to t-online.de Tarik Bekrater (graduated sports physical therapist and personal trainer) explained: “Regular cardiovascular training lowers the resting heart rate from an average of 80 beats to around 60 beats per minute.” The advantages of this are obvious. The heart has to work less and does not wear out as quickly. “An ideal cardiovascular workout is achieved with sports in which the heart muscle is stimulated in intervals, that is, in an alternation between maximum power sprints and recovery phases,” says Bekrater. At the same time, you should include some strength training such as stabilization exercises and mobility exercises for your mobility.

Which sport is right for me?  This is how you find out which sport suits you and your goals and how best to get started with it.

What sport is better to lose weight?

For many people, however, weight also plays a role in the onset of exercise. If you want to lose weight, exercise is also an important factor. Exercise burns energy, whether you’re running, swimming, mountain biking, or playing a team sport.

It is important to add that sport does not only play a role in relation to the goal of losing weight. Diet is particularly important here. You should eat as balanced a diet as possible. Because it is of little use to do a lot of sports and then eat a chocolate cake. When it comes to losing weight, your goal should be to consume fewer calories than you expend throughout the day. But the same applies here: Everything in a healthy measure. Of course, you can also eat chocolate from time to time. Maybe a small piece is enough for you to eat with relish and it doesn’t have to be the whole bar? ?

It is not possible to say in general which sport is better for losing weight. That depends on many different factors. For example, the number of calories you burn depends on your weight and gender, as well as the type of exercise you do.

An overview that you can use as a rough guide to calorie intake:

sport Male caloric intake (86 kg) Calorie consumption woman (65 kg)
Breaststroke (30 minutes) 360 calories 220 calories
Karate (30 minutes) 420 calories 320 calories
jogging (30 minutes) 390 calories 250 calories

Let’s go running: this is how jogging works and you

Have you tried running as a sport in the past? Or have you just decided you want to discover jogging for yourself? Perfect. Because you don’t have to start alone. With Torsten’s beginner course, getting started is particularly easy. “From 0 to 5 kilometers” in eight weeks, and that is not an empty promise.

You will receive a training plan as well as running tips and tricks. In a closed Facebook group you can also meet other participants and exchange ideas with them. It should make it a lot easier to get motivated and stick with it. And in the end you won’t even realize how quickly the eight weeks go by and you’re running five kilometers straight. By the way, once you’ve got running fever, it probably won’t let you go that fast ?.

Would you like to finally learn to jog properly, but keep failing?

  • In this online course I will accompany you in 8 weeks from the tedious first steps to your first 5 kilometers.
  • You will receive by email a weekly training plan that will challenge you without overwhelming you. Step by step you will improve.
  • In an appreciative community, you and many other participants encourage each other.
  • Best of all: you don’t pay a dime, but you do give me your email address in return, which of course I’ll treat with confidence.

Interested? later Do it like 10,000+ beginner runners before you and sign up now for the next course starting on 04/30/2022 on.

PS: If the course takes a long time to start, you can register here course run log with your own app to bring

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Habit keeps you active, in any sport

It doesn’t matter which sport you choose for yourself in the end. The challenge will be to maintain it. If you make your sport a habit, you will easily overcome this obstacle. So don’t assume too much at first. Instead, set small goals and establish habits. This is where the so-called “Tiny Habits” can help you. If you choose Torsten’s beginner running course, the path to your goal is already predetermined for you and you “just” have to start running.

With this in mind, I send you a sporting greeting,
you michelle

About the Author:

Michelle Brey

Soccer, exercise, music and writing: that’s just me. Michelle from Munich.

At the age of five I fell in love with athletics, two years after football. In the under-17s, I promoted the Juniorinnen Bundesliga, the most important women’s football league in Germany.

In addition to sports, I am passionate about writing and I hope I can combine my passion for sports and writing here to provide you, the reader, with helpful tips and tricks!

I’m happy for you. Sports regards, Michelle

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