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Which is easier: lose belly fat or fat on the thighs?

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The most common types of fat that affect our bodies are abdominal fat and thigh fat, which are often difficult to lose and can also be dangerous to our health. But it is important to note that both types of body fat are different from each other.

Abdominal fat is associated with excess abdominal fat that gradually accumulates as more is consumed than is burned. On the other hand, thigh fat is also the result of an unhealthy lifestyle.

However, compared to thigh fat, which is made up of subcutaneous fat, abdominal fat is made up primarily of visceral fat that surrounds internal organs, including the liver and intestines, posing significant health risks.

Which is more dangerous?
Studies have found that abdominal fat poses a greater health risk than any other body fat. In addition to leading to weight gain, it also increases the risk of developing chronic diseases. High levels of visceral fat are thought to make a person more likely to develop diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arterial disease, and some types of cancer.
On the other hand, thigh fat acts as an energy reserve for the body, while also providing padding to protect muscles and bones from injury.

Is losing belly fat harder than losing thigh fat or vice versa?
Belly fat and thigh fat are the hardest to lose. Even after intense exercise and strict diets, it takes a long time to see results. However, studies have indicated that losing belly fat can be more difficult than losing thigh fat. Because belly fat contains more fat cells that refuse to respond to lipolysis and break it down.

Our body is divided into two types of receptors on fat cells known as alpha 2 cells and beta 2 cells. While alpha 2 receptors respond better to lipolysis, beta 2 cells do not respond well to the lipolysis process. Abdominal areas have more beta cells, making it difficult to lose fat easily, while areas like the legs, face, and arms have more alpha cells, making weight loss faster in these areas, the Times reports. of India.


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