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Where are the successors of Johannes Rörig?

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Staufen, Lügde, Bergisch Gladbach, Münster: city names as codes for monstrous abuse cases in Johannes Rörig’s more than ten-year rule. He was the federal government’s abuse commissioner. War is the key word: his position is empty and the successor has not yet been clarified. Rörig, 62, had already announced his retirement in December 2020. And the office, a team assigned to the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, remains extremely important. The failure of the secular authorities and of the ecclesiastical authorities must continue to be publicized, the consequences for the administration, the police, the judiciary and the clergy must be carried further. The scope of sexual violence against children is also not diminishing.

Studies show that in every school class there is at least one child who has been abused. And the horror on the Internet has increased significantly in times of Corona. The coalition agreement is a step forward; the traffic light wants to provide legal protection to the commissioner’s office and, if necessary, regulate the independent processing of cases by law. News of a “truth commission” set up by the Bundestag is making the rounds. Despite all the other important decisions these days, the implementation does not tolerate much delay. Politicians should not wait until there is another monstrous case of abuse to complain about.

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