Carlos Santana turns 75. Recently, however, he has been worrying his fans about health issues.

Carlos Santana joins the ranks of the stars who will turn 75 this week: on July 17, the British Duchess Camilla had her day of honor, on July 19, the Queen’s guitarist Brian May celebrated. So it’s the turn of the next legendary guitarist: Latin rocker Carlos Santana celebrates his half-birthday on July 20.

Carlos Santana is one of the greatest guitarists of all time, the rolling stone places him in 20th place on his charts, so he is one of the “rare instrumentalists identifiable by a single note”. For Santana, music is her life. “Music is much more than notes, chords, amplifiers and instruments. Music is the sound of life itself”, he explained in October 2021. the “General of Augsburg”.

Santana’s deep spirituality is closely linked to her music. He also spoke about death in the same interview. “Our energy doesn’t die when we leave Earth,” he said. “It just goes to a different place. A place outside of our body. It’s like switching to a different frequency. I don’t believe in death. I believe in energy shifting.”

Santana’s Flights of Fantasy – Woodstock and Comeback

The most famous songs by Santana and his band of the same name include the cover of Peter Green’s “Black Magic Woman” (1946-2020), Tito Puente’s “Oye Como Va” (1923-2000) and the highlight of Woodstock “Soul Sacrifice”. . Carlos Santana has experienced many musical upsurges in his life.

One of his first big highlights was the Woodstock Festival in 1969, where his band rose to fame. The debut album “Santana” (1969) sold over two million copies and entered the top five of the American charts. Other hits from the album included “Abraxas” (1970) and “Santana III” (1971), both of which reached number one on the US charts.

Over the years, the band and its guitarist got a little quieter, but in 1999 they pulled off a worldwide hit comeback with the album “Supernatural.” The long player received a total of eight Grammys and topped the charts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Britain and the United States. The band’s latest album, “Blessings and Miracles”, was released in October 2021.

Fans worried about the legendary guitarist

Carlos Santana continues to tour and perform his music live, most recently with legendary band artists Earth, Wind and Fire on the “Miraculous Supernatural” tour. Recently, however, the 75-year-old has had to deal with some health setbacks. His fans are worried about the legendary musician.

In December 2021, the guitarist canceled several performances. The reason was an unplanned heart operation he had to undergo. “I’m going to take a little break to recover and rest,” said the Mexican-American musician. in a video message on Twitter.

When will Carlos Santana be back on stage?

A few months later, however, Santana suffered another setback: in early July, he fainted during a performance. A little later, he said in a statement from his manager on Santana’s websitethat the fainting was due to “heat exhaustion and dehydration”. “Carlos was taken to the emergency room for observation (…) and he is fine,” said his manager. The next scheduled concert was then postponed. A few days later, the musician canceled six more “Miraculous Supernatural” tour dates through July 16.

“Doctors have recommended that Mr. Santana rest for a full recovery,” his manager said. in another statement. However, the musician is doing “well and can’t wait to get back on stage soon”. Santana “just needs a rest” and “deeply regrets the postponement of his upcoming performances, but his health is our most important concern”.

The next performance is scheduled for the California Mid-State Fair Festival in Southern California. Carlos Santana will probably be back on stage on July 23 – health permitting.


Source www.gala.de

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