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When does food expire?

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All food products must bear, by law, a date from which it is not recommended to consume them. The expiry dates indicate the time during which the food can be consumed keeping all its nutritional qualities intact.

This does not mean that after this date a food suddenly becomes “toxic”, but rather that its nutritional qualities are not intact.

Difference between expiry date and consumption preference

in office Vital Health they explain to us that “on the packaging of everything we buy you can find two references: “expiration date” or “best before…”. These two labels mean different things and the law states that all food products must have one or the other indication. Both indicate the useful life of a product”.

Expiration date

Always indicates a day, a month and only sometimes a year. It is carried by the most perishable products, those that can spoil beforehand like yogurts. They indicate the period in which the product can be consumed without presenting a risk to health, that is to say the “safe” period of the food.

Best before

Normally indicates a month and a year, and in some cases only the year. It is usually found in foods with a longer shelf life. Indicates the latest date by which a manufacturer considers that a product still has the optimum characteristics of flavor, color, texture and aroma, to be able to be consumed satisfactorily.

If we ate it after this period, our health is not in dangerbut the product may have lost some of the original qualities it had when it was manufactured.

The products that usually bear this writing are those that can be stored at room temperature, such as pasta, rice and canned fish, for example.

Source metroecuador.com

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