Jul 20, 2022 @ 9:26am

WhatsApp must show its colors. Because a deadline set by Google ends on July 20. Now the messenger on Google Play should provide information on how to manage your data.

For WhatsApp, a deadline is about to expire on Google Play. (Source: FlashDevelop /depotphotos.com / Facebook / Editing: netzwelt.de)

  • App developers have until July 20 to complete the data security section on Google Play.
  • WhatsApp has not yet done so.
  • We still don’t know what the consequences are.

How does WhatsApp handle your data? Messenger must now answer this question on Google Play. Because on July 20, a deadline set by Google for companies selling apps through the App Store expires. By that date, they must have completed the “Data Security” section newly introduced in April.

While you can already find the corresponding information on WhatsApp’s competitors such as Telegram or Signal, WhatsApp only indicates “No information available” (as of July 20, 8:57 CET). In this section, Google requests, among other things, information on whether data is collected and for what purpose, whether it is passed on to third parties, information on security measures.

Google is following a similar practice in Apple’s App Store that the Cupertino-based manufacturer introduced in 2021. At that time, there was already a dispute between WhatsApp and Apple over labeling. Among other things, Messenger had criticized Apple for hiding this information from you for the pre-installed iMessage app.

So far, there has been no open dispute with Google over the new section. So we assume that WhatsApp will add the data later. What happens if the timer passes without WhatsApp adding the data is still unclear.

By the way, there are a number of dangers currently lurking in Messenger, including the OBI summer giveaway and parents from abroad.

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