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What’s been your craziest outfit so far?


Olivia Jones is known for her flashy costumes. She was wearing her most extraordinary outfit so far in the jungle camp.

In terms of costumes, Olivia Jones (52) does not need to hide behind American star Katy Perry (37). Both like it colorful, flashy and crazy. For Lieferando, the drag queen is now even following in the singer’s footsteps.

Perry can currently be seen in an advertisement for the delivery service in unusual outfits. Jones now also appears alongside Bambi Mercury, Catherine Leclery and Tamara Mascara in very special costumes and even swings around on an electric delivery bike. “I’m a huge Katy Perry fan,” Jones said in an interview. “My design team and I were often inspired by their ideas and tips.”

Dear Olivia, is this the most extraordinary costume you have ever worn?

Olivia Jones: Oh, there are quite a few: I played in a strap-on shark, almost life-size, like a pink octopus, like a six-foot-tall zebra. It’s normal for me. That’s why I would say: the most unusual outfit for my standards was my jungle camp clothes. They were so simple that I barely recognized myself. And they stink to this day after all the disgust tests I had to do.

Have you ever had temporary jobs like delivering food, delivering newspapers or serving tables?

Jones: Of course. When I revealed to my family that I was a drag queen and wanted to stay, I had to do as much as I could. For example, I delivered money with newspapers and also earned servers. It was then that I discovered my love for gastronomy.

Is Katy Perry a role model for you when it comes to outfits?

Jones: I’m a huge Katy Perry fan. She makes great music, she’s a confident woman who doesn’t let anyone take her butter out of her bread and, above all, she has a cool sense of humor, which also shows up again and again in her videos. and his costumes. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and loves self-mockery just like me. And my design team and I have often been inspired by their ideas and tips. It also has a real role as an international pioneer.

What do you think is special about the Katy Perry and Lieferando campaign?

Jones: It’s a colorful campaign that draws attention to a cool global charity campaign: you can buy tickets and win Katy Perry’s flashy original costumes from the Lieferando ad. All proceeds go to the World Central Kitchen organization, which provides food to people in crisis areas. And as a Katy fan, I of course already have my tickets. If I win one of these flashy outfits, I’ll do whatever it takes to fit in somehow. My favorite is the lettuce and leaf bodysuit, but in a pinch, I just use her miniskirt as a garter. The costumes are definitely so crazy that they make every drag queen’s heart beat faster.

Which stars still inspire you?

Jones: I was inspired by a lot of stars. In German, for example, by Nina Hagen. And when it comes to performance, direction and entertaining with attitude, also from Udo Lindenberg. Internationally, Lady Gaga is a true icon for me. But at the same time, I tried to follow my own path, to be so extraordinary that I could inspire others. I have always been guided by Oscar Wilde’s motto: Be yourself, everyone is already there.

On average, how long does it take you to transform into Olivia Jones?

Jones: An “Olivia Express” leaves in about an hour. But then I can only dare to go out with big sunglasses. With sunglasses, I can mess up the eye makeup more. Normally, however, I need between 1.5 and 2 hours for my light day makeup.

Are you doing all of this alone or do you have support?

Jones: I am my own facial Picasso. There is also a bit of Banksy. My makeup has grown over the years and meticulously refined. I can do it better myself. And I have to distinguish myself optically from other drag queens. Otherwise someone will say afterwards: which of you is in fact the real Conchita? (laughs) In some TV productions, however, there are retouching colleagues who do the stucco work during commercial breaks when my facade crumbles. And of course I have hairdressers who support me. My hair and I often travel separately.

How many suits do you have in your closet now?

Jones: No one really knows. In any case, there are several hundred pieces. My apartment is practically a single costume store. Everything got so out of hand over the years that I had to move rooms upstairs above the Olivia Jones bar. This is where my walk-in closet is now, although we literally take the “walk-in”: we now take guests on our tours of cult neighborhoods through Fummel’s so-called fundus.

And how many wigs?

Jones: It’s about as much as the outfits. And so different too! I always use about 20 pieces and like to dry them in my oven because otherwise there is no space.

If your career as a drag queen hadn’t worked out, what would your plan B have been?

Jones: I’ve been doing gigs and shows since I was young. It’s my passion to this day and I always knew I would never become or do anything else. To be honest, I never really had a plan B.



Source www.gala.de

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