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What You See First On This Personality Test Reflects Your Emotional IQ

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The web is full of different types of trialsin which we can discover a little more about our personality, abilities, intelligence and emotions.

These are tests that evaluate us, and with a simple answer they are able to qualify our way of being. This is why they have become so popular among young and old.

With three images, they can discover their emotional intelligence

One of these tests is the following. At first glance it may seem like an optical illusion like many that abound on the web, but this personality test is able to show the emotional intelligence of people.

You just have to answer the following question: What is the first number that catches your attention among the three possible?

The truth is that there is no wrong answer, only shocking results are given.

What it takes is to be as sincere as possible on the first character they saw.

And it is that, despite the fact that the elements that appear in the image have a meaning, only the first one they see will accurately reveal their level of intelligence.

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If the first thing they saw was the mirror, they are the ones who tell a high emotional intelligence The problem is that they tend to reflect all ideas about you. If someone is sad, he assumes he has done something wrong; if someone got angry, they claim that you provoked them. They know how to read emotions, but they have trouble finding their origins.


If the first thing they saw was the woman, they are the people who put the feelings, thoughts and problems of others far more than their own needs. People look to them to solve their emotional problems, but they must be careful not to exhaust these abilities.


If the first thing they saw was grass, it’s because they’re people who care too much about those around them in their lives. You’re usually not that emotionally intelligent, but You are never afraid to ask those around you for help when you need it.

Personality test

Personality tests are an instrument that aim to measure or evaluate a specific psychological characteristic. This is why they have become very famous on social networks, because they discover different traits that they may not have known about themselves, what they do, their behavior or what they think about things.

Source metroecuador.com

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