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what they consist of and who can collect them

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The consequences of the war between Ukraine and Russia have started a notary on the price of electricity, fuel and in supermarkets. Almost daily, they hit records. The crisis is beginning to be felt and this is causing many citizens to start turning off the heating in their homes and counting almost every penny in their wallets to be able to make purchases.

Added to this whole situation is a hostile labor market, even more so for older people of working age, although this is nothing new. The subsidy for people over 52 years of age is a benefit that can be accessed by people who, upon reaching that age, no longer have the right to collect unemployment, receive the contributory unemployment benefit or the extraordinary unemployment subsidy for having exhausted them.

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People over 52 years of age can access this subsidiary, even if they have exhausted unemployment. Photo: Getty Creative.

Good news for the unemployed over 52

The subsidy for people over 52 years of age was one of the most requested SEPE aids in 2021. But in addition, the year 2022 begins with two good news for people who receive this subsidy. In the first place, one of the most controversial requirements to access it is reduced, since the SMI increase affects the requirement of not earning more than 75% of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary. Thus, with the last increase in the SMI, the amount also experiences a slight increase, and that is 750 euros, excluding the proportional part of the two extraordinary payments. The second piece of good news is that the amount to be received for the subsidy for those over 52 years of age has also been due to the increase in benefits, pensions and unemployment benefits.


Knowing all of the above, you only have to verify that you meet the following requirements to be able to apply for this subsidy:

  • Not having a job.

  • Lack the condition of a permanent discontinuous worker.

  • Be 52 years old or older on the date on which the rest of the requirements to access the subsidy are met.

  • Be registered as a job seeker for a month from the end of the unemployment benefit. Said registration must be maintained during the receipt of the subsidy.

  • Be enrolled in the activity commitment. It say, the acceptance acquired by benefit recipients that they are actively looking for a job and that they also participate in actions to train, orient themselves and, in general, multiply the possibilities of obtaining a job.

  • Not having refused a job offer or a training course for a month.

  • Do not earn above 75% of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary that corresponds at any given time. You have to modify the request as soon as you arrive in 2022, and it costs 723.75 euros. Excludes the proportional part of the 2 invoices extraordinarily paid.

  • Have contributed at least 15 years in Social Security throughout the working life. At least 2 of these 15 years must be within the 15 years prior to the aid application. And 6 of these years must contribute within the General Scheme.

As it is a benefit that is received indefinitely, in addition to the requirements above, The beneficiary must carry out a series of periodic actions that have the objective of proving precisely that these conditions are maintained.

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