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What is picrew

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What is picrew

Picrew is a photo editing and sharing app that lets you add text, stickers, and filters to your photos and share them with your friends.


What are the features that picrew offers?

Picrew is a robust photo editing tool with many effects and functionalities in both free and in-app purchases. So by purchasing in-app items, you will be able to unlock extra features such as HD, Full Editing mode, or Unlimited Filters. You can also remove ads by unlocking Picrew Pro.

How Do I Download Picrew on My Phone or Tablet

You need to visit the Google Play Store and follow this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.picrew

To learn more about Picrew and discover all the possibilities you can unleash, enjoy these tutorials on the app!

“Picrew” is an application that lets people edit their photos with various effects.

By using this application, users can apply filters and effects as if they were doing it on a Photoshop application.

This is an app that lets you edit photos in real-time through the use of various effects and by applying masks or stickers.

In addition to having a variety of options for photo editing, you can also create graphics from scratch and add them to any picture.

It is important to highlight that it has no “Undo” function, so if you do not like the result of your photo, unfortunately, we can ask for a refund.

All in all, this is an app that provides many possibilities and tools to edit photos and create graphics.

Picrew: Edit your photos like a pro with this free and ad-free app

How Picrew Works

Picrew is a photo editing and sharing app that lets you add text, stickers, and filters to your photos and share them with your friends. You can download Picrew on your phone or tablet from the Google Play Store.

The concept of this game is to design your own images by arranging various items that can be used for creating characters. You have different tools available to you, such as a Kisekae Maker and a Random maker.

The Kisekae Maker allows you to choose parts by yourself and create your own characters with ease, while the Random maker creates different images with luck that you can share. It is possible to create your own Kisekae Maker if desired by registering the images that are used in it as a list of creator functions!

To edit your photos, first, select the one you want to edit. You can then choose from a variety of filters, effects, masks, and stickers. Once you’re done editing your photo, you can share it with your friends on Picrew or other social media platforms.

How to Use Picrew

On Picrew you can find various image-makers created by more than one creator. The Image Maker lets you playfully dress-up your character in a variety of outfits and costumes.

What is  protected

Picrew allows you to play with creating various image-maker of media creators. At Picrew, you can play with various props designed by creators that change your appearance. Try out a prop such as dressing up or changing your hair, and then have fun playing with it.

Source: Picrew.me

Terms of Using


Picrew allows you to play with a variety of image makers. For example, change your character’s outfit in a snap! Or maybe you’d like to draw something new and beautiful? Simply pick a design tool and start your imagination flowing. At Picrew, you can make your own awesome images by playing with various image-making tools.


At Picrew, you can play with various image-makers that are available for everyone. Do you think the current character could be improved upon? Then have some fun and mix things up! SO, At Picrew, you can play with various image-makers created by authors.


At Picrew, you can play with your favorite image maker. Simply choose the one you like or would prefer to use. Whether it be adjusting how much skin you want to show off or changing clothes on your avatar, Picrew will make sure you are satisfied in meeting your goal of finding a picture that best describes your online persona!


You can change the color, add artistic embellishments, and so on.

Regardless of the content described, one cannot play your own images, download self-made images, or share them on SNS.

Provided that the descriptions from creators are within reasonable bounds, users are free to add or download images whenever they want. However, when using them you are required to abide by the following rules:

What is the Commercial Use of Picrew

  • Both individuals and corporations have the same rights because these rights are protected by the UN.
  • Picrew does not use any of your data for commercial purposes. If you have issues about copyright, we ask that you contact us at  [email protected] Content: The following resolution is adopted today or on January 30, 2016.
  • Regardless of whether you are an individual or a corporation, the use for the purpose of profit-making is commercial use.

How to Use Kisekae Maker of Picrew

It’s a free online tool that allows users to create a unique avatar by combining their favorite items.

Picrew Making Steps on Kisekae Maker

Source: Picrew.me

Select Items

picrew item selection
Source: picrew.me

Select the removable part, then select the item to be removed.

Select Colors

Picrew select colors.
Source: picrew.me

Some parts come in multiple colors and you can choose from them. Other parts are one color only and will not be displayed if you have chosen a different color. If a part comes in more than one color and the variation isn’t specified, then the dimensions of that part will remain hidden until one specific variation is selected. The option for choosing the color of your product will be displayed if the model has different colors.

Choose Controllers

Picrew controllers
Source: picrew.me

If a part can be moved or zoomed into, it will be displayed on the controller. Those parts that are not moveable or cannot be zoomed in on will be unusable and unable to display settings. If you can move or zoom in on parts, you can set them on the controller.


Source: picrew.me

All of the following may be randomized: Item, color, and controller settings are random.


complete picrew
Source: Picrew.me

You will have the option to upload a new photo once you have completed your masterpiece.



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